I haven't done anything with my fediverse project in months, but maybe it's time to get back on the horse. I think there are a lot of improvement that could be made, and I'd like to at least try them out.


My project is a federation extension to forum software called Flarum. And I just keep thinking that a forum is the ideal model for this kind of social networking.

A forum is community-oriented rather than timeline-oriented, which I believe is both necessary to the survival of an instance and a genuine advantage over conventional social networking.

And I think the fediverse would be a lot more enjoyable to use if it had something like a forum's categories.

Flarum is modern forum software. It looks great, it feels great, and it's fun to work with, though it's still technically in beta. The backend is in PHP, which though I don't care for the language, it makes it really cheap to host a small instance.

My extension is called Feddle and is... (shall we say) still very early in development. Probably gonna be a hot minute: there are some other extensions I'll want to get around to first, but I'd be happy for some help if anyone were interested.

@squeevee all in all: letting modern social media usurp what we used forums for was a really big mistake.

@squeevee vibrating intensely ohhhhhh this is what I've been begging for :foxhearteyes:

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