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Hi, I'm Sky, a very long leggied maned wolf. I love getting pet and breaking servers.

i went over to ps1 with the intent to make some music, and instead my visit has turned into a 4 hour ordeal starring a degraded RAID array in critical infrastructure which caused the internet to fail due to DNS reliance on a shitty samba box

if you're coming to MFF, there WILL be goodies

Someone is watching ANIME??? In MY office? :skyangry:

The Yiff.Life rules have been amended with the word “shithead” being changed to “asshole” on rule 2. This change is being made for clarity and should not have any significant impact on the actual intention of the rule.

As a reminder, the rules can be read at

true gay culture is using the heart emoji colour that most closely matches your fursona

What color best fits the Yiff Life? I’m thinking Eggplant, Hot Cerise, or Purple.

please guide me in this trying time, what the fuck am I going to do with this, I found it in my closet

it’s not even bad. It’s just. Rick.

im not even cleaning, I’m fucking rebuilding

plz give me the energy to finish cleaning my room

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