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Hi, I'm Sky, a very long leggied maned wolf. I love getting pet and breaking servers.

I have to recover it because it supports some crappy legacy system because of course it does

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And Lordy it is taking forever to snapshot disks and RAM

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I’m necromancing the third copy of this Windows 2003 server that is suffering from terminal Registry Full issues and I finally found a not completely destroyed snapshot. Time to snapshot the snapshot

Just used Bluetooth to transfer a WiFi driver from a laptop to a desktop.... I don’t think I’ve ever had a smoother Bluetooth transfer in my life

my backup battery decided 1am was a good time to start screaming about the battery being due for replacement

Hm, I think some join requests got unstuck after the upgrade, just approved a dozen

upgraded without blowin it up.

mission accomplished

we now have announcements and an announcement button on the top of the home feed

lol we runnin v3.1.3, that was the smoothest upgrade i have ever run

forgot how long it can take to run a new build, wew

We will be having momentary downtime for an upgrade to v3.1.3 in about 5 minutes.

unfortunately, i am still working, and it is messin me up

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