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Hi, I'm Sky, a very long leggied maned wolf. I love getting pet and breaking servers.

someone just shared marshmallows with me that were literally manufactured at 3pm today and holy shit

light nudity, cute cuddles <3 

so wanting to design a robotsona and kinda, creative blocked i guess. i made an inspiration folder and its great but i feel so lost on where to start

i already think it might not be superrr furry adjacent but

Attending #ANE2020? Want to meet some of your favorite fedi friends?

Join us in Panel Room 3 on Saturday at 10a for the official FURRY FEDI MEET & GREET! Also check out this sick poster I designed for it :3 #mastomonday

lmao so weird to see a post get deleted in real time and get this

i wanna make a robotsona so baddddd im finally getting a inspiration folder together

All robots wanna do is eat metal, beep, smooch computer, boop, be gay, eat hot microchip and lie

something i kinda like more about mastodon than twitter is that its a lot easier to exist across multiple accounts and instances

your trial of snouts dot online will expire in 1 days

i would destroy capitalism if i wasn't just so fucken tired all the time

dem debate 

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