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Hi, I'm Sky, a very long leggied maned wolf. I love getting pet and breaking servers.

ah yes, when you can’t produce a competitive product, you use your financial advantage to undercut your competitors, instead of like, investing in your employees

We are now running V3.0.1!!! Just making sure nothing is broken but the fact that I can post this is a good sign!

We are about to upgrade to the new version of Mastodon! Please stand by.

I can now say we have fully and successfully switched to Digital Ocean Spaces! Bye bye Wasabi 🔥

All images on Yiff.Life should now be resolving correctly. Thank you everyone!

Once our CDN issues are fixed, I’m going to look into upgrading us to Mastodon v3 and moving us to a new server running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Yiff.Life Image Statuses-

Avatars - fixed
Headers - fixed
Custom Emojis - fixed
Preview Cards - 90% processed
Media Attachments - 90% processed

idk if anyone has been paying attention but i like how the custom emojis in the picker have slowly been reappearing

Yiff.Life Image Statuses-

Avatars - fixed
Headers - fixed
Custom Emojis - 50% processed
Preview Cards - 80% processed
Media Attachments - 90% processed

I would say 80% of all images should be fixed now. One last batch of media files is running and I'm guesstimating that it's about 50k files left out of 1m~. Not sure why the smallest batch of media attachments is taking the longest, but whatever! It's working.

You may continue to see broken images on old posts for a day or two since there are over one million images in our bucket. I am at the same time working to reduce this with a remote media purge

OK, I have five scripts running concurrently that are converting all object ACLs to public. It has to do each image so this will take a bit, but avatars are 95% done. It will be doing headers, custom emojis, preview cards and media attachments concurrently.

Media attachments will take the longest, but are not severely breaking.

It looks like more icons are becoming visible with the new method, so that’s good news.

Anyone know any traditional artists who might be willing to digitally restore a painting that was smoke damaged? Happy to pay.

progress! i have built a "script" to attack the bucket 1k files at a time and it appears to be processing correctly now. do not have an eta yet but its running against avatar icons first

super weirded out by the fact that the abandoned toys r us still has wifi here

I know y’all are chill about this icon/image issue and I appreciate it so much, I’ve been juggling this between work and some Life Stuff happening and this is taking a hot minute since it involves such a large amount of data. When I left this morning I ran a command that will delete a bunch of unneeded stuff and make fixing this a bit faster.

With the images for everyone's icon gone on, and Halloween names in full effect, the whole nature of my feed changes to one in which it's a sea of spooky anonymous names just spewing unrelated content. So this is what meritocracy looks like...

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