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Hi, I'm Sky, a very long leggied maned wolf. I love getting pet and breaking servers.

Apparently everyone at my work thought this brand new bottle brush temporarily on my desk was a mcfucking toilet brush

I have had enough flights with problems to last me the rest of the year

Coming into ORD our flight just stalled or dived for 5-7 seconds (assuming air pocket??) and then did a hard recovery and the pilot simply announces “alrighty then” on the intercom

it is now officially homestuck day on yiff life, brace yourselves

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walk into Sotheby’s like “how much can I sell this custom hand painted oil on canvas art of a dragon... behind a car”

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i hope i didnt insult him, he had fuckin good ass handwriting


here i am on yiff dot life in a coffee shop next to a guy who looks like he is writing out the declaration of independence

the new Mastodon version 2.8 fucked up our entire front page and removed a lot of critical content (and fucked the banner up) so i am going to work on fixing that today.

what the fuck is wrong with the world when a 65 year old man tells me i am being boring when i dont spend any of my time watching dumb fucking internet videos

Food $10
Data $0
Rent $0
Giant Otter Plushies $3,600
Utility $0
someone who is good at the economy please help me budget this. i can’t say no to this face

We are now successfully running Mastodon v2.8.0!

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