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I've never made an introduction post here so here goes: I am Mitternacht, a french-canadian dragon living near Montreal. This account is mainly for after dark things and furry posting, but sometimes I post other things too when I feel like taking a break from my main account. I am enby with they/them pronouns!

My sona is a mischievous and playful cam model who lives with my other OC and has mysterious powers. They like pastel fashion, cute things and are very online

Hope we become friends :3c

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Hey big daddy with the magnum fangie /
I wanna be your monster lover

Alright I'll be transferring this account to my new instance @[email protected] !! Follow me there for lewd stuff

Conversation & tea. Commission for sirkain over on Twitter, featuring my OC Rose on the right. :3

u ever just wanna give ur fursona huge bahongas?

Lewd shitpost 

Slupring on some dicks and balls

Very lewd ; nsfw 

Thirsty to suck and worship 10 dicks at the same time

He is very handsome cw: beastars meme stolen from r/beastars

Help my catgirl gf (21f) is lost

Top rated answer: pspspspsps

Imagine if furries had toys like cats to scritch

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