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This is Dyrim! She' electric lizard? Not really sure! What's important is that she's athletic and powerful!
I love her very much and someday maybe I'll post my own drawings of her!

We're gonna move closer to work this summer and it seems like every day I discover something new and great about this area....definitely excited to be around here

Passed the customary 20+ churches on my commute this morning ( amirite) and was reminded that whoops today's Ash Wednesday
I'm supposed to start my caffeine kick today but I'm not prepared aa

aww nuts I keep forgetting to post my art!

I've been doing daily palette-swap sketches for folks on twitter and I need to share the results here!

Hotline Miami aesthetic, furry art, blood effects Show more

Hotline Miami aesthetic, furry art, blood effects Show more

Good morning my coffee today tastes like the smell of fireworks! 🎆 🎇
Hooray for free office coffee haha

Gym time!! It's early morning and I feel gooood 💪🦎

Me, approx 200 milliseconds after replying to any post here: oh I should've switched to unlisted fuck

Thinking of posting saucy art I made last night and asking for critique/advice here

just a bit nervous b/c I've definitely got mad artist-anxiety but it'd probably really help so...mmm

I just got complimented on my style by a coworker I haven't talked to yet :content:

good vibes :3

Finally sprung for some cool skins for my devices!

I don't like using cases, so this really is a perfect option for me
marble...good....... :content:

i found this high-quality math shitpost screencap on my laptop and i have no idea who wrote it, but it should be shared with the world before i delete it from my hard drive

Finally gonna buy myself a succulent! 🌱

As much as I'd love to visit a plant nursery, since I'm just getting *one* I think I'm just gonna start w/ Home Depot since it's literally the closest store to my apartment

I know which types of plants to look for, so I think that should be fine! And I'll have a better pot + soil :3

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