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This is Dyrim! She' electric lizard? Not really sure! What's important is that she's athletic and powerful!
I love her very much and someday maybe I'll post my own drawings of her!

furry nsfw, tiddy 

Aight time to learn about Java Abstraction b/c I should *know this* but have gotten away w/ knowing very little til now :,)

NSFW; Male Dragon; Genitalia; Tailhole 

politics meta (~) 

Probably shouldn't post as much politics to twitter as I do--but posting here seems redundant b/c everyone already has pretty damn good opinions :3c

Anyone have any suggestions for someone trying to learn ?
Ideally intermediate or Advanced!

New fursona design is coming along nice!

Going for a handsome snake dude with some antler-like horns(?)β€”a kind of transition off of my old deer fursona
Working on details, colors, and of course, the name!

Gotta design a new fursona this weekend and I'm both excited and nervous
excited for the opportunity, nervous i won't like what i come up w/

Normally on Friday's I get nothing done at work, but today I'm working on something *actually interesting* so we'll see...

Went with my friend to get her first tattoo last night :content:
such a uniquely fun experience

Running a Yawning Portal module at work for my coworkers and it's actually going really well??
Like I'm having much more fun than I thought I would since I don't know most of them (they're on other projects)
but dang!! :D

I don't trust people who arent just on their cell phone constantly at work

No make-up art stream! Sorry! Been packing-

I found these and figured y’all’d like it

I think this is my favorite attack I've done so far

A perfect culmination of many 'what if I just did [thing]' ideas hehe

"People shouldn't just die for no reason" is really the core of my politics. Anyone who agrees with that statement is on my side essentially. Specifics are important of course. But I feel like other disagreements aren't as fundamental.

ArtFight link + Info 

(+) mastodon meta/politics 

Chillin and looping Wish You Were Here album while waiting for a Seattle bud to call

Shady Texas mornings are something special

they have tons of games, models, MTG cards etc etc, but I think the selling point is their enormous authentic LARP gear selection (imported from Europe apparently) and their two rentable private rooms for TTRPG group meetings
those rooms are fucking awesome...

Apparently the board game shop we go to won "Best Board Game Shop in N America 2019"

It definitely deserves it! I just didn't realize it was THAT good like damn

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