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took forever but I finally finished Dyrim's ref sheet!

So much....information...really had to pare this down :content:

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This is Dyrim! She' electric lizard? Not really sure! What's important is that she's athletic and powerful!
I love her very much and someday maybe I'll post my own drawings of her!

I just wrote some JavaScript that I Hate and it works so I love it.

I saw the newest Wreck-it-Ralph and it was good! A chill nice movie

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saucy furry art, nsfw but not explicit Show more

saucy furry art, nsfw but not explicit Show more

Good morning! DnD was cancelled b/c our monk is really really sick....but we might play Jackbox instead so that's good!

god I'm so excited to go home and make some tasty coffee ☕ 👀

Played Betrayal at the House on the Hill: LEGACY and it was amazing

Writing on cards is hard enough but I had to rip one up and aaaa :,)

Apartment hunting is fun for the first time in my life b/c thanks to my partner, we now have two incomes and can actually *afford* places

Still sucks tho it's just....a little more exciting :3

Has anyone here played Dungeon World, and do they have advice for a first-time player?
I've listened to Friends At The Table but that's it, and I'm trying to choose my class...
Probably going w/ either Cleric or Paladin

Spent all night drawing, which is neat, but even though I'm enjoying the lineart I'm working on, I'm definitely bummed by how slow I am :,)

At the ramen restaurant and they're blasting the CRUNCHIEST dubstep

oh heck! my Mutant-style emoji commissions are nearly done!! I'm so excited...

hella excited to start a Dungeon World campaign at work next week 👀
Probably gonna be the Paladin or Cleric!

I made a private vent account on twitter but I doubt I'll use it much. Just not a venty person

Grabbed myself a free ugly lemon today at work!! It was an awful seed monster! but peeling it made my hands smell nice~

Writing my next Furry Fitness blog post about macronutrients and I'm having a helluva time!
It's definitely one of my fave parts of bodybuilding :3

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