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This is Dyrim! She' electric lizard? Not really sure! What's important is that she's athletic and powerful!
I love her very much and someday maybe I'll post my own drawings of her!

Spent my whole night organizing documents...setting up a new personal file cabinet and putting all my loose sheet music into sleeves.....

so tired...but god it's nice to be so organized :,)

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Helping a friend shop for a new laptop--finally, my strange interest in Tech Review YouTube comes in handy :corruptedjoy:

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Moving sucks but getting close to finishing the unpacking process is so damn satisfying

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Made coffee and the grounds *look* better than last time, but the taste is definitely off...better than last time, but I'm gonna have to figure this out. Or maybe buy a better water filter lol

So far the only bad result of moving is our water is different and I have to figure out how to make my coffee taste okay again :c

Pointless meeting at the last half hour of the work day. Feeling that "please be done by 4pm pleaaase" anxiety :blobfacepalm: :blobdab:

Since I was last active on here, the biggest things I've done are:
1. Built a website for my friends + my's oc au thingy
2. Moved across town to a bigger apartment
3. got some very good news at work that I can't quite be public about (just in case)

All is very good rn :content: :heart_bi:

Oh hell yes Mastodon has polls now! Fucking terrific

You can always tell when work gets really busy b/c the first thing I drop is my presence on Mastodon :sadcowboy:

We're not supposed to have "bling" on our lanyards at work but now I've got *2* LGBT pins for our work's Employee Resource Group and a Griffin McElroy "you know ;)" pin so I think that's a bit of a power move that I'm gonna get away with~

Drew some cowboy art of one of my god friends' coolest characters! :catboo:

Desmond belongs to @/SharpiBees on Twitter!

Spun up a new E_Books Twitter bot for some friends and we decided to include our horny ADs in the tweet pools

So now I'm trying to voice my horny thoughts more often on there and I'm laughably bad at it heheh

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