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horny art of sky 

here mastodon can have this exclusive first peak at this piece i got from

nsfw bat cutie pinup 

posting to share w/ someone but also here have a pinup of my bat char kanaya by @[email protected]


woke up extra horny lmao hhhhhhh

nsfw / horny 

woke up with v intense morning wood xwx

nsfw / “req for advice” 

wikihow to ask a friend if they want to bone

Horny n sleepy 

woke up really horny and warm... wish I had someone cute in bed with me to cuddle and fill vwv

lewd joke meme 

winner winner cum for dinner

nsfw robot work fantasy 

Wouldn’t mind offering freelance IT and maintenance support for others in the profession. Gotta stick together tbh. And also share the latest enhancements and programs to keep customers coming back 👀

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nsfw robot work fantasy 

Financial freedom as a robot fucktoy sounds better and better every day compared to the crap I deal with at work. I can be my own IT support for starters...

There are so many things I’d rather be doing than work right now..,.

now imagine if i had the energy and patience to actually RP. id be unstoppable. too bad

that is the first fiction i think i've written in a longggggggg time

Kinky NSFW Robot Fantasy Redux (POV) 

At the end of the final day, I clean you as I have occasionally throughout the week, eliciting cute shivers from your body. A 30 minute countdown appears over the tallies on the wall and I decide to have my turn before your core resets itself.

(to be continued)

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Kinky NSFW Robot Fantasy Redux (POV) 

The most vivid parts are the orgasms, your new programming designed to detect when a user orgasms or ejeculates inside of you, triggering your own intense orgasm and a holographic mark to appear above your head. Near the end of the week there's too many marks to count as the hologram clips through the ceiling.

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Kinky NSFW Robot Fantasy Redux (POV) 

The week rushes by for you with robots, humans, and some other sentient species on the ship stopping by, having heard rumors of some lewd entertainment aboard. They all explore your body under my observation, some taking a peek, with others seeking the full experience. You feel exhilarated as so many different things fill you up, all the deliciously warm appendages, genitals and mouths in and on your body.

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Kinky NSFW Robot Fantasy Redux (POV) 

Fully prepared, you give me the OK to deploy the reprogramming. You feel a rush of simulated endorphins as your whole body tingles, and you start to feel... so needy. desperate to be filled and used and loved. Thankfully, I'm already prepared as friends of ours arrive, having been told of the good time to be had.

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Kinky NSFW Robot Fantasy Redux (POV) 

I mount your frame to the table and demonstrate that it can easily change position, hold you upside down, lower you for easy access... Finally, I open your cube back up and pull out of one your newer parts, a penetrable genital that just happens to look and feel like a fleshy pussy. It even fashionably matches the colors of your frame. Versatile and preloaded with artificial fluids, we're both excited to see how well it holds up to what I have in store for you

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