Ikesai where the protagonist sinned *so hard* that they caused an integer overflow in the divine records and got reincarnated as a saint.

Now they have to keep up appearances or end up in The Really Bad Place. And their new saintly powers keep interfering.

Apples get! 🍎🍏🍎🍏🍎

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Took almost three hours since we first arrived at the car rental place but we're finally ready to go on the road trip proper! Apple time! 🍎

I've figured out how to do Monster Musume but with bishonen.

Gender dysphoria 

Been too out of touch with Girl Mode lately.

Time to pound that L2 button.

Dang but I enjoy Prequel Adventures.


RP (+) 


Weather reports should come with spoiler warnings.

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Another productive day of Anthrotari work!

I wrapped up the music direction for Celierra's route while also adding some good chunks of additional content.

I started on updating the music direction for Donnie's route.

The three original routes already had music direction, but they've changed enough to require a serious refresh. At least this goes much quicker than the last phase of work!

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A single good longform nonfiction book (whether audio, e, braille, or physical) is going to do you like 100x better than 1500 Posts or Threads about that subject. Books are able to really properly explore subject-matter with depth, research, citations, and nuance, from every angle, in ways you just can't get some online mediums with character limits where one chunk gets boosted out of context constantly.

Do all books do this? pfff no. But books CAN do this, other mediums struggle

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Work gripe, mh (-) 

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Work gripe, mh (-) 

Anarchism, Civilization series 

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