y'all ever watch makeup tutorials on youtube?

feat @fluxom_art and @Balina

Furries are great because it means I get to experiment with the idea of my own sexual identity through characters on the internet.

Oh crap. If we count a kangaroo superhero character of my childhood, then my furry-ness goes back maybe twenty five years or more.

holy crap, I had a fursona over twenty years ago

It was delightful reading all your furry origin stories this morning ❤️💕 We are such a unique creative community, functioning both within the bounds of fandom practices and as our own unique system divorced from capitalism, characterized by one of humanity’s most special traits - the desire to negotiate what being human even entails. No cynical, repulsed normie will ever be able to convince me furries aren’t beautiful.

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no pressure to sign up, as i expect to be able to support the instance, but any help is appreciated! i just restructured it a bit better, and it includes a financial report of how much we spend

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when do we get Courage the Cowardly Dog in Smash?

when do we get Optimus Prime in the Smash?

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now that the games unlocking for people remember to use CWs as to not spoil the experience for others

I like how you can tell Stranger Things is fictional because they actually meet for Dungeons and Dragons every week

As with any major media release, please make sure to tag your posts about smash bros! That way it doesn't overwhelm the feed for folks who aren't interested, and people who want to avoid potential spoilers can!

Another personal character, this one is Blitz. She's a werewolf that stays in werewolf form using her moonstone necklace. She acted like a dog as a human too, so it's not much different anyway.
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