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Proposal: Apocryphal baby Jesus was a cryptid.

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Its HELLA the fuck am, time to post WIP pics. I got all my lines done and approved by my client. While its long overdue, im at least happy that I could put my 110% into this, despite my hand problems

Can't wait for the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess sequel Show more

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Still got a few icon slots for completion this Thursday! Prices range from $30-$35. Interested? DM me!

Surgery (not mine) Show more

ABAC Show more

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Under capitalism you still wait in lines but if you pay extra you can stand in the special gold platinum valued customer line

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Capitalism and jobs Show more

Lewd, humor Show more

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Just wanted to thank @sky for this instance. I do enjoy it here.

Earlier reports of you having 461,168,018,427,387,904 wolves inside of you are incorrect. It turns out that the wolves use big endian architecture.

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Physical copies are the bane of companies nowadays. Why would they allow a physical entity of a software be allowed to be resold after user 1 doesn't want it anymore? It's less profit for them
It's not exactly consumer friendly, that's for sure

In 2025, you have to choose between watching movies and playing games from Netflix, Amazon, Google, or Disney, each charging $10 per month for the services

There are 0-2+ lupine genders inside of you.

Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna let either of those wolves inside you

There's a two wolf t-shirt in my closet.

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