Gay, ultimate-level dad joke, you've been warned 

I think I have woken up with a video gameing hangover

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Did not mean to zone out to quite so much Risk of Rain 2 tonight. At least I unlocked three different things.

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Finished commission for @MDKII -he really dresses up well, you know?

Full Res available on patreon:

Background checks were not designed for homebodies with mostly online friendships, were they?

Big rip in the leg of my beloved Ezy Jeans. :skysad:

Another day, another reminder that npm is the great satan

Gender discourse (general) 

Gender reveal party, death mention 

Me, conceited: Who needs therapy when I have Laid Back Camp?
Narrator: She still needed therapy.

Good thing I went downstairs for a late-night snack tonight: caught a budding radiator leak before it could do any real damage.

Not looking forward to tomorrow's shower, though.

Get this fox into bed before midnight challenge is goooooooooo.

uspol, general musings 

Melting my brain just from clearing out browser tabs from my phone.

Food (-) 

Dang it. Broke my three month long daily meditation streak last night. Well, time to start a new streak.

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