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By the way, I do all my more earnest and relevant posting over at @[email protected], in case you want to see my more informative and communicative side.

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US Suicide Prevention Hotline PSA 

Starting July 16 this year, anyone in the US can call the suicide prevention hotline just by dialing or texting 988. The old 1-800 number will continue to work, but 988 is probably a lot easier to remember 💙

"Not all dragons have or need hordes!" I protest as I sink into a growing quicksand of foreign currency.

mh (-) 

This introvert was running an alone time deficit *before* the pandemic and they're slowly losing it

One of the downstairs radiators has developed a concerning, mildly percussive and obnoxiously persistent noise. It's at that asinine inflection point of too frequent to dismiss and yet not quite frequent enough to tune out. And I'm about to lose it.

So help me but I'm going to get my 15 minutes (minimum) of daily sunlight.

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Outside has a New Yorker accent because this is New York.

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Me: I'm gonna go outside in my robe to get some sunlight while we wait for breakfast to finish.

Outside: How's you like some of this 10°F weather, yo? This cold enough for ya?

Me: *nopes back inside, though not for lack of trying*

Pandemic stress 

Reminder that introverts have (IMHO) had it even worse than extroverts these last two years because we've gotten far, far less time away from the people we live with. It's exhausting, never getting to decompress. You can Zoom your way into some semblance of socializing but the inverse does not hold.

I saw that my keyboard got it wrong and I still chose to hit send

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girls only want three things and it's adorable: striped socks, a new Rust book, and the overthrow of capitalism.

I do not miss owning a home. (At least not under the circumstances in which I did.)

money anxiety (---) 


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