Dreamposting (+), health (+) 

Can I do the push-ups? We will find out.

Alch (alcohol) (-) 

Alch (alcohol) (-) 

Alch (alcohol) 


mental health (+), meds 

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How many folks out there are independent developers/artists/creators? What's it like for you?

Hrm. Tinnitus seems to be acting up today.

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Food, valentines stuff 

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Roses are red
Transition takes guts
The doctors removed
Bofa deez nuts

Flirted with a cute and very gay barista today over his Pokémon pins (and tattoos).

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Hello, Fedivercitizens, and !

I'm Jaycie! Queer, non-binary, (they/them) and a fox! I do software development by day then game development and writing at night, amid entirely too many other hobbies.

I have a girlfriend, a tragic lack of cats, and more than enough plushies to make up for it

Check out my visual novel! anthrotari.com

I'm also over at @jaycie!

Happy !

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