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By the way, I do all my more earnest and relevant posting over at @jaycie, in case you want to see my more informative and communicative side.

foxxo brain drained

was good work but still all out of juice

Over here Nightcoring circa 1940 Broadway musicals.

Do I technically have bi-dar instead of gay-dar?

gender, shitpost, HRT 


ahhhh attending a social event for work ahhhhhhh

Send me your best furry ASMR meditation tracks.


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ow ow ow 

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complaining to the mods that the Sinus Headache debuff needs to be nerfed

Star Wars: Visions, The Twins 

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Fox does not like having a sinus headache.

Nintendo Direct spoiler, somehow *not* a shitpost 

minor physical injury 

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