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never forget that humans are social creatures and how we act so isolationist happened in the last 100 years

*pounds table* Give us diversity in female Transformers body types. Give us a female cement mixer Autobot. Give us an enby Maximal.

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Gamers, just letting you know that it's okay to play on EASY difficulty. You don't need to prove anything to anyone. Videogames are meant to be enjoyable. Have fun 💜

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Executive function advice:

I find that it can help to write down, with a pen and paper, everything that's weighing on my mind.

Keep at it for at least half an hour; more if stuff keeps coming to mind.

Doing so tells your unconscious that it can stop trying to remember those things and frees it up to focus on the tasks at hand.

*pounds table* When are we getting Ground, Rock, Steel, Bug, Fighting, Flying, Dragon, Ghost, or Poison Eevees???

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If you have something negative to say about someone else's body: don't

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I'm so not here for dunking about how men as a whole are terrible. Like, I've been there, I get where it comes from, I get that there are all sorts of mental exceptions about The Few Good Ones and such

And I've also heard repeatedly from trans men and other transmasculine people how intensely damaging that is for them and I refuse to just sideline so much of our communities like that

Oh my golly, this Dragonite of mine has defended this gym for nearly 48 hours straight.

Who's male-presenting, has two big toes, and got their first-ever pedicure today? 👣This fox👣

Who's going to this month? I want to make some concrete social plans before all the excitement of the con drains my executive function. I'll have Root!

That time we played a session of Fiasco with my Mahou Shoujo playset and one of the PCs had boyancy-based powers. That villainous PC laid a syrup-based trap.

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Is there a "life metal" genre? Like, as hardcore as death metal but positive and uplifting?

Thinking of commissioning my fursonae dressed up as my old roleplaying characters.

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