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Cues that we're likely shitposting/pooptooting/koaning/surrealisizing or otherwise employing satire here on our AD (After Dark) account:

* decapitalized posts, e e cummings style
* Missing trailing periods, especially at the end of a post
* Content that seems prima facie satirical
* Confounding comparisons with a conspicuous lack of context, e.g. "The Michael Bay of family vacation photos"
* "shitpost" or "pooptoot" in the content warning

- Jaycie

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By the way, I do all my more earnest and relevant posting over at @[email protected], in case you want to see my more informative and communicative side.

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an invaluable thought technology to have when you enter your thirties and then continue to age is being able to say "I'm glad those kids are having fun" once you start noticing trends that the young people are getting excited about that just completely fucking baffles you, because it will happen a lot, and eventually just become a constant state of being

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Wouldn't mind a silicone parent, either, after starting HRT and/or prototyping a few toy molds.

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I don't need a sugar parent, I need a silicon parent.

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Who wants to be a dear and buy me a couple dozen Raspberry Pi Pico W's?

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I've watched this like twenty times in the last week, I can't stop staring at the bouncing taidum noses, they are so soothing

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Let me tell you the parable of the counting bone

There was a bone found in Africa at an ancient site. Carefully inscribed around it were deep scratches in measured groups

The man who found it declared “aha! This bone is the first evidence of mathematics!”

A few years later, after careful study another man declared “aha! This bone counts days to help understand the phases of the moon!”

And a few years later a woman studied the bone and said “aha! This bone counts days so a woman can track her cycle, to make it easier for her to get pregnant!”

And a few years after that another woman studied the bone and said “aha! This bone counts days so a woman can track her cycle, to make it easier for her to AVOID getting pregnant!”

This is the parable of the counting bone

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do you support any porn games on patreon? if so, dm me i wanna know which ones, i'm doing research

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the discworld night watch series can best be summed up as "in an anarcho capitalist cyberpunk future, can cops become working class?"

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CANNOT BELIEVE THAT SOMEONE IN 2022 DECIDED TO GO "hey what if I made Pyst but instead of being about Myst it was about the witness, and it was actually funny"



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gonna open early so for these, but im taking 2!

$100-- No shading/background colored piece
$150~200-- Shading/Minor Background elements colored piece.
may be SFW or NSFW, All payments are thru PayPal invoice

To claim the slot either DM me here, or via discord if you have me.

i need a little wiggle room, but ive got 2 ahead of these. However I got the big piece done that needed doing so I feel better about taking these 2 as well. Shares always appreciated <3

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also no youre not seeing double, this is another opening in a very short span of time. Been tough balancing catchup and taking new work, so its kinda how its shaken out :blobfoxlaughsweat:

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The emotional burden of budgeting is far, far harder than the math.

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Merry Pride, times are tough, but at the very least I can be proud of myself and enjoy who I am. Y'all take care

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Feels weird to be the last one to leave the bar. Xi're usually one of the first to depart.

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If you can, now is the time to ask yourself how you're going to get your friends out of red states.

I'm not saying this is a solution, i'm not saying to fuck red states, If you know me you should know how I feel about this, but quite frankly: things are about to become very, very unsafe for anyone living in a majority red state, and now is the time to try and get the most vulnerable people you know out.

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Thinking about the mutual intersections that Roko's Basilisk and cryptocurrency have with religion.

Roko's Basilisk is the Web3 of Pascal's Wager: A thin veneer of fancy tech over a long-solved problem which should have remained a thought exercise instead of inflicting net negative value upon the world.

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Every year, over 120,000 high schoolers in Japan are lost to ikesaiitis, a highly preventable condition. With your donation of ¥1,000, canned toast, or leftover Soylent, we can get them the breakfasts they need to avoid early onset vehicular impact. For ¥10,000, we can outfit five local trucks with safe and humane Babbage-brand ChildCatchers™️. Please, donate today. Every Yen Counts®️.

Sweet merciful void, I'm dreaming about slide decks.

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