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When I went to Yellowstone, one of their rules is that they impose severe fines on people for making animal noises, particularly elk and wolf noises.

That's right, they have a $350 fine for Awoo.

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Considering what I've outlined above, can you imagine how devastating sanctions and embargoes are to the people in any given country? The US embargoes a place and then says "look at how poor they are, see, socialism doesn't work." But this socialist experiment didn't happen in isolation! The US sabotaged it by blocking trade! Something that everyone has to do in order to produce a modern standard of living!

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Glad to see the Fediverse representation at the Cincinnati airport. (CW: bones.)

Dubious findom 

Dubious findom 

it's my birthday i can pooptoot if i want to

Who wants to draw my fursona for my birthday today? 🎂

Really blown away, in the best way, that so many people are choosing to celebrate my birthday by sharing their coming-out stories.

In a Starbucks, temporarily not camping, for Reasons.

(It's unexpected work stuff.)

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