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In Warsaw and Katowice, the water treatment pipes are guarded by eight freshwater mussels.

They stand as silent sentinels against contamination

When sharing your favorite combination of speed and direction, remember to vec' yourself before you rec' yourself.

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Day-trading giraffes, make sure you neck yourself before you SEC yourself.

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Demonic sticky lizards, take care to geck' yourself before you heck yourself.

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Magic: the Gathering tournament players, be sure to eke yourself before you deck yourself.

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Campaigning weight-lifters, remember to pec yourself before you FEC yourself.

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Pious robot pilots, please Mecca yourself before you mecha yourself.

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Programmers: [type]check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Serious advice: Get yourself an infrared thermometer for measuring the temperature of your hot baths. No more scalding your toes!

I wish I could play my Switch in the bathtub.

I mean, I could, but only for a few minutes before watching it short out on me.

[ASMR] Isabelle from Animal Crossing Prattles on Adorably About Her Personal Life Over the Island PA

It's finally actually something like spring around here. I might have to get new avatars.

Looking forward to watching She-Ra today.

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