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I go by Ash

Former librarian just recently began to explore my gender identity

Ya'll rock🎸 , and down to chatting but may be a little slow😅

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Here’s a couple of ref sheets I did earlier using a mustelid base I’m working on.
For @jankar89 and felidae892

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Me and @kit got some cute art from :birdsite:@jpmeshew! you boys better look out because we got cooties and we ain't 'fraid to use 'em!

Commission for Eva Wolf on facebook! Let me know if you want one, the YCHs $6 US ^^

Awesome pic of Michela and Janelle with new doos by SourSushi on FA and birdsite

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the greatest crossover event since infinity war

hey! i could really use some help in these times, so doodle sheet commissions are open! :~)
$30 for one big character and 2-3 little ones - dm me here or fill out this form on my site to get in on it :v) thank u!
👉 👈
#art #commissions

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this started out as a joke about scarves but it became cute oops

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