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Furry Pin-Up, Nudity, Implied Prostitution 

Full art of my profile pic BTW (with background). The base was made by teranen, you can find it here!

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Kink List, Introductions, NSFW Link 

So, @[email protected] had a good idea on where to get started.

Since this is an AD, here's a list of kinks you can expect to see if you follow this account!

-Cute Porn
-Hypnosis / Mind Control

...And really, anything on the Favorites list here.


Chastity, Hypnosis, Rant, Anxiety 

Why in the fuck do I constantly get RL chastity pictures jammed in my face in every single fucking hypnosis chat on the planet. It's a hypnosis chat not a fucking chastity cage chat.

The shit gives me anxiety, and it's almost to the point I wanna start leaving hypno groups.

Not kinkshaming I swear to god but like if I wanted to see dicks in chastity cages I'D JOIN A FUCKING CHASTITY CAGE GROUP.

I find it very strange that while I'm getting an FBI background check, they're sending the results *to me* to forward to the employer. Like... isn't there a security concern the subject of the background check could just. Alter the results before forwarding??? Isn't that a security issue??????

HRT, MtF Transition 

God damn it, more tiddy growth pain @[email protected]

I thought I was done with this shit

Hey artists, I wanna start trying to learn to draw. I got the Note 20 for the S Pen. Anyone have recommendations on what app to use? I'm used to Krita on my laptop, would love something that feels similar.

Furry, Hypnosis, Discord 

Welp, I made a new hypnosis discord server, this was bound to happen at some point in my life.

Furry, Hypnosis, Discord 

Welp, I made a new hypnosis discord server, this was bound to happen at some point in my life.

let πŸ‘ tops πŸ‘ get πŸ‘ aftercare πŸ‘ too πŸ‘ πŸ‘ 🎬

evictions, Massachusetts 

From an email that Rep. Pressley's office just sent out to constituents (there was more but this looks like the practical bit):

<< You have rights:

-A Notice to Quit is NOT an eviction.
-Only a judge can formally evict you from your home.
-If you live in Massachusetts and are being evicted for non-payment of rent, you cannot be evicted if you have a pending rental assistance application.
-If you need legal assistance, Greater Boston Legal Services can provide FREE legal services. Call (617) 603-1807 or email [email protected]

Emergency resources are available:

Massachusetts residents can call 211 to get answers to any urgent questions and resources are available in multiple languages.

If you live in Boston, the Office of Housing Stability can connect you with financial relief application assistance and connect with legal help. To reach out call (617) 635-4200. >>

Hypnosis GIF, Epilepsy Warning 

@Roger I have another one I made, that one's foxnosis. Here, take a look~! :3

Hypnosis GIF, Epilepsy Warning 


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PayPal: hey did you want to know someone's
Me: no
PayPal : here it is πŸ˜„

God, I forgot how much better Mastodon was than Birdsite.

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