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Furry Pin-Up, Nudity, Implied Prostitution 

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Kink List, Introductions, NSFW Link 

I find it very strange that while I'm getting an FBI background check, they're sending the results *to me* to forward to the employer. Like... isn't there a security concern the subject of the background check could just. Alter the results before forwarding??? Isn't that a security issue??????

HRT, MtF Transition 

Hey artists, I wanna start trying to learn to draw. I got the Note 20 for the S Pen. Anyone have recommendations on what app to use? I'm used to Krita on my laptop, would love something that feels similar.

Furry, Hypnosis, Discord 

Furry, Hypnosis, Discord 

let πŸ‘ tops πŸ‘ get πŸ‘ aftercare πŸ‘ too πŸ‘ πŸ‘ 🎬

evictions, Massachusetts 

Hypnosis GIF, Epilepsy Warning 

Hypnosis GIF, Epilepsy Warning 

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PayPal: hey did you want to know someone's
Me: no
PayPal : here it is πŸ˜„

God, I forgot how much better Mastodon was than Birdsite.

Unrelated but fuck, my art addiction is back in full swing.

You ever have to check who's following you before you make a post? lol

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