Once these slots sell out I'm going to stop undercharging lol

commission for batbeeps and collareddolphin on twitter

NSFW transformation, gender transformation (hate this term, it's wrong) assimilation twinning cloning. Commission !

NSFW, transformation, twinning/cloning/assimilation, anal sex 

Kink musing 

(naked) haunted doll creature ref 

Drawn eye contact, kemonomimi doll 

NSFW, transformation, autofellatio, drone, rubber, latex, imp 

transformation, rubber, latex, tentacles, drone

very NSFW, transformation, latex donkey drone, ""ftm""

I did a cel shade on it (furry art, kinda nude)

being otherkin is just a shitty isekai

NSFW, transformation, assimilation, twinning, rubber/latex 

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