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For any money you want to send me because you're feeling generous or want to see my butt: you can venmo me at @Ryan-D-20. Let me know if you send so i know that it works!

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If you ever see a post of mine and think of a funny reply but then go "oh wait what if thats weird or sounds mean" stop. Do it. Please do not refrain from dunking on me.

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look if you make the mistake of interacting with my toots you're getting followed and you're just gonna have to deal with that

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Hydrogen sulfide is not a friendly chemical for us. It's corrosive, toxic, flammable and smells like farts. But to some clams, it's dinner! Many "chemosymbiotic" species partner with sulfur oxidizing bacteria. In thyasirid clams, these microbes are hosted in the gills, sharing sugars they produce with their host. The clam uses a long, thin foot to make a network of burrows channeling *more* sulfide to itself! The clams help aerate sediments that would be toxic to other forms of life. #clamfacts

does anyone know if john oliver has willingly shared his circumcision status as part of a bit on his show yet or not?

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Personal fundraising links 

I don't have the spoons to update everything, but I still need help with groceries (to the tune of about $100) and, well, everything:

Can you help me in my struggles to stay alive and housed under capitalism?

Please give to a Black, Indigenous, or otherwise racially marginalized person or organization first.

I mean it.

#MutualAid #TransCrowdFund @mutualaid

just had an in person interview for a really good position. Furries in STEM lend me your vibes \o/

my wife lets me hit it cause im just a little guy

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does anyone else feel like their pinky toe is like, attuned to the magnetic frequency of door frames and table legs


So I've got several interviews lined up for this week, which is good! Hopefully. But even if I get an offer it could be multiple weeks until I get my first paycheck. Until then we have $1.24 in the bank and about $15 in cash. If we could get 100 or so that would last us a while until then so, yeah.
venmo @Ryan-D-20
cashapp $RyanDongarra

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Don't worry I'm making a mental list of everyone that interacts with this post

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Uuuuh who wants to squish boobs soapy in the shower

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obviously it needs to be able to act in more than just reaction to something like what's going on now but also like

stop trying to triangulate correct beliefs from what you imagine the bad people want

stop being a floating brain connected to the internet that can only react to the news and social media slop

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I think a gas station tv just gave me a targetted ad im about to become a terrorist


I should really start a compilation of all the times I see terfs contradict their own ideology
"you're reducing us to just a pussy!"
"being a woman is about being able to nurture life and give birth!"
"trans woman fetishize femininity and want to be a stereotype of it!"
"banning skirts from girls uniforms is another step in the obliteration of what it means to be a woman!"

to name a few

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It's a feeling like suicidal, but i don't want to die really. I want to live, desperately, madly. I want to feel safe, like the few good things i have or make for us won't be stripped away. It's a desperate, nihilistic longing for 'something else', maybe that's how it's similar. I can still walk on my two feet, i can keep going. The only way to make things better is to gaslight myself into believing they will be, so that I can make it so.

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if it turns out that the borders of whiteness are constantly reshaped and reconfigured to suit the needs of colonialism and capital i am going to be so pissed off

I could be your funny little guy....(sexual)

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