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look if you make the mistake of interacting with my toots you're getting followed and you're just gonna have to deal with that

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Anyway real quick shootout to my boy melatonin for shutting me up at night before my brain pulls any tricky shit.
Thank you sweet embrace of unconsciousness

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*tapping my bottle of hormones like a microphone* hello? Are these things on? Is this working?

hey yall my gf is much too drunk for her own good ama

Being non-binary fucking rules. There's like a big chunk of the population that thinks we kill god by existing and that's pretty fuckin metal.

sex talk 

The point of this post is that my gfs dresses fit me and I feel VERy pretty

Broke: wearing bfs hoodies
Woke: wearing gfs dresses

a corporation is just a government without the pretext of serving anyone or anything but its own leadership :blobdab:

if shes your girl why is she pity faving my posts

asking for money, cashapp, UK friends only unfortunately 

When you’re hanging out with your furry friends at your house and you all decide to make some food for lunch so you ask everyone what they want before you go out to the farmers market to buy food while your friends stay home and get everything else ready but when you get to the farmers market you forget what vegetable your friends wanted but then you go into the market and you suddenly remember

Anyway at the lame stereotypical college party my housemate threw a few months back there was this guy who I just saw go “duuude...” then he keeled over and put his hands on his knees and I thought he was gonna throw up or something then he was just like “I need some fucking *PUSSY* ..… uuoouuwghwgh....” and it made me feel An Emotion.

Pickles are just embalmed cucumbers if you don’t retoot this you are a coward.

Me: sees email updating me on my package arriving today

My Brain: Stock_Chimp_Screams.wav

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