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its time! horny alt account is now at @nogender_blacknailpolish

will probably boost this a couple times so it's seen, but if you want more lewd stuff go there cause this is going to be a no horny zone from now on

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If you ever see a post of mine and think of a funny reply but then go "oh wait what if thats weird or sounds mean" stop. Do it. Please do not refrain from dunking on me.

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look if you make the mistake of interacting with my toots you're getting followed and you're just gonna have to deal with that

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Y'all remember penis man? We should bring that back.

Awful awful no good "which of your OCs would x" prompt 

hey do yall remember when kermit got cannonically sent to the gulag

snouts can't seem to catch a break but i think it was inevitable

any sufficiently large community will eventually run into some kinda problems related to moderation. this isn't preventable, you'll always have users that will cause problems. the point is how you deal with it

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Saw my kitten playing with my bottle of hormones on the floor and I said "oh, so you wanna be a catgirl too now?"



shoot hoops with local femboys now

I can't stop posting. On twitter posting takes late into the night. Doxxing nazis on facebook. Ordering munitions for antifa soldiers on the dark web. Hiring my own deep web hitman to break into my house and and get me to log off. Im on my third now.

honestly I feel weird sometimes thinking about how good im feeling about someone getting sick and possibly kicking the bucket
but at the same time


us current events, you probably know 

anyway im gonna plug a little indie sci fi city builder game for the sole reasons that I like it and think the dev deserves it

im annoyed with how much I shed and finding hair all over the place and some of yall wanna be animal people??

Just saw an anti-circumcision billboard on the highway home just thought y'all would like to know

Just saw an anti-circumcision billboard on the highway home just thought y'all would like to know

If mario saw the current state of United States politics, im sure he would let out a very saddened "mamma mia..."

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