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If you ever see a post of mine and think of a funny reply but then go "oh wait what if thats weird or sounds mean" stop. Do it. Please do not refrain from dunking on me.

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look if you make the mistake of interacting with my toots you're getting followed and you're just gonna have to deal with that

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me: ohoohoo I will have a little sugary treat, I will not have too much and it will be fine :)
Me later:


ah yes the morbid human right of passage of watching someone you care about nearly die hmm yes I think I will deal with this in a normal and healthy manner

We all bought the same brand of cheap shitty thigh highs from Amazon when we first started out didn't we?

I just tried ppicking up a really hot plate and did a fucking mario jump

also slightly related, are adhd and autism like, "related" or do they just happen to have overlapping symptoms?

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is there like a term for when you have a collection of symptoms that kind of put you in this schrodingers no-man's land between ADHD and autism.

literally how the fuck does anyone paint their nails and have it look clean

Ironically though, I think that Companies like grubhub and Uber would work exceptionally well under a worker Co-Op model

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Just did a grubhub "mission" And damn, that late stage capitalism be hitting different

I am once again reminding all of my broke bitches about the existence of goodrx

i think binging on anno 2070 for hours on days on weeks as a kid should have qualified me for an autism diagnosis

put my sim in the new phone and i got to watch in real time all the bloatware be installed on my phone with me touching nothing

i got a replacement phone for the 4g sunset thing and I still cannot get over how fragile we make our most important electronic devices to be. I feel like Im holding a newborn with glass bones and paper skin. This bitch is naked. Its begging to slip out of my hand. If I touched my face and then tried to pick it up its so sleek it would just slip away. Its so light I feel like it would try to fly away if I stop watching it. Any modern device needs a 1 lb case to be grounded to the material plane

What is it about throat singing and big drums in sci fi media that pops off so much?

When someone asks whether you're a man or a woman, ask whether they need it for medical purposes or for discriminatory purposes. Do not provide any other options.

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