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its time! horny alt account is now at @nogender_blacknailpolish

will probably boost this a couple times so it's seen, but if you want more lewd stuff go there cause this is going to be a no horny zone from now on

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If you ever see a post of mine and think of a funny reply but then go "oh wait what if thats weird or sounds mean" stop. Do it. Please do not refrain from dunking on me.

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look if you make the mistake of interacting with my toots you're getting followed and you're just gonna have to deal with that

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someone just screamed during the senate hearing, anyone hear what was said it was muffled

I'm actually mad that more people are making a bigger deal about Mr. Peanut than Terry Jones. He was in MONTY PYTHON, DAMMIT.

I really wonder which capitalist scumbag decided it was a great idea to take water from an aquifer which a small island nation depends on, put it into disposable plastic bottles, and then send it to countries across the world to sell it to pretentious rich people. I mean, what the fuck.

The fact that people consider water something to make money from should be sickening to everyone. And yet, selling water in disposable bottles made from petrochemicals is so normalised, most people don’t even think twice about it. It’s so wrong.

Wawa is one of the only sanctified areas in new jersey

Games, murder mention 

Sometimes i wonder if im too liberal with my favorites.. i just have so much to give.. I see your post, I like it and want you to know and you deserve it, i press the star, i scroll on..

take a minute before bed. fix your sheets, straighten your blankets, refluff your pillows, its so much nicer to crawl into that way

US pol 

US pol 

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a single repub should just vote against their party, just to make it spicy. It won't endanger the outcome of the vote but it would add some drama, they've been at this 11 hours

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