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NSFW art, M solo 

*squishes two cherry mx blues together so they click at the same time* haha gay

My favorite ADHD mood is "there are more than two audible sources of human sound so I will increase stress to Maximum"
Did I say favorite I mean least favorite

You’ve heard of fingerless gloves now get ready for: gloveless fingers

nsfw furry porn! robots tied up together?? 

"Humans handling bearded vultures" is one of my favorite genres of animal documentation.

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Lewd, dragons, girls, tails. 

*finds out how much of a pain in the ass it is to get a legal gender change*

so you're telling me i cant walk into a court of law saying "hhhhhhhhh im gay", have the judge tell me im valid and give me a hug, and it be over with? fffuuucckkkk
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