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introduction, fursuit picture, fursona reference and art 

Hey, it's Socks and here will be my new main after branching off [email protected]

Started drawing in a "real" capacity nearly two years ago, still with a ton of learn and having fun with the whole process. Open to feedback!

My other interests include nudism/naturism (so expect a lot of nudity in my art, mostly casual) hiking, and video games.

Cityscape art: Xelwave on Twitter
Reference: ArgonLights on IG/Twitter
Wood block art by me!

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nsfw furry reference sheet, full nudity 

Gloves the tossum, a hot-headed mat wrestler from the hot climate of the southwest U.S. known for breaking arms and breaking microphones.

Sidenotes: Gloves is gray-asexual, didn't want to change up the flag to match... Shootfight refers to an actual, non-scripted fight, closer to something like an MMA match.

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furry art, wrestling 

I keep wanting to do an art themed month and while I might not make it every single day, I'm going to do my best to give more love to Knee and other deer this upcoming Deercember.

I'll likely keep these all threaded, let's see how long this gauntlet match goes!

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furry art, wrestling 

Next up for art dumping is some stuff I've done on painted scrap wood blocks I come across. I haven't bothered with getting an extensive marker set so I'm limited with color selection but it's very rewarding when the results are close to expectations.

ok thanksgiving over we can put away the christmas decorations and put the halloween ones back up

nsfw, irl nude pictures, fursuit ec 

Wanted to show off a couple of my more recent additions to my wardrobe, those being boots and nonbinary arm warmers... And nothing else.

aaaaaaa @extinct knocked this one out of the park holy heck!!

New arts! Wanted a christmassy piece, thought tiny derg relaxing in an ornament with hot choccy would be adorable and good news it IS

I got this wonderful colored commission from @[email protected] of myself, @68kHeart, and Elliott plushified and ready to be won!

grumbling shitpost about christmas music 

I hope we annoy boomers with overusing songs like Megalovania as much as we've all been affected by the hershey kiss rendition of "we wish you a merry christmas."

gift art for my lovely lad afterglow. I wanted to make him feel nice, so I made him breakfast in bed

Yesterday I made some fabulous candles with @lisa and @shooshy. Now I just hope that these fancy wood wicks burn well :bowie_sweat:

furry art, ec, work 

Ain't nothing in the dress code that says I can't look cute out on the job.

i definitely saw this somewhere online once and suddenly its stuck in my head 

i love you, you love me,
tony hawk's pro skater 3
with a great big hug
and a kiss from me to you,
tony hawk's pro skater 2

"erugh, why can't they just turn around and look at us like a normal pers...w...werewolf?"

Commission for  Hot cocoa sounds really good right now.  Maybe I'll get some.

The irony of not being aware of Trans Awareness Week (until yesterday) is not lost on me.

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