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furry art, wrestling 

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introduction, fursuit picture, fursona reference and art 

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furry art, wrestling 

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nsfw furry art included, nudity, food 

nsfw furry art, nudity (penis) 

On a lighter note, one of the radio morning shows mentioned today is National Name Yourself Day.

Happy Trans Day of Visibility 2, y'all.

allusion to a death in current news 

SFW Furry Artwork 

been making a lotta art the past few days, enjoy this scorblushy

#art #oc #pokemon

furry art, unintentionally lewd 

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furry art, work mention 

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Today is the first #InternationalAsexualityDay and our mascot want's to spread the word and support all asexual people! :asexual_flag:

I may be biased but I love me some fursonas with "eye bag" markings yesssssssssssssddsssds.

comm for @/possum_pop and @/digitdeer over on twitter! just two dorks playing with the lasso tool

New art time!

All of the thank yous to @anthracite for this artwork. I have been coming to terms with being a trans woman, and reconciling that with the masculine dominated profession of machinery or vehicle repair that I work in. This picture helps a -lot- with that.

Hey I’m trans, am paid very little, in school, and have been personally struggling on the reg and could always use some support, if you can.

I will absolutely use today to ask for help, because honestly I need it, but I hate how often I do :/

I’d also like to ask that you consider supporting other trans people in need and to listen to our struggles,learn, and find ways to be an active ally that’s helps boost trans voices and stories.

My ko-fi is in my bio if you wanna toss me some pennies 🐀

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