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introduction, fursuit picture, fursona reference and art 

Hey, it's Socks and here will be my new main after branching off [email protected]

Started drawing in a "real" capacity nearly two years ago, still with a ton of learn and having fun with the whole process. Open to feedback!

My other interests include nudism/naturism (so expect a lot of nudity in my art, mostly casual) hiking, and video games.

Cityscape art: Xelwave on Twitter
Reference: ArgonLights on IG/Twitter
Wood block art by me!

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nsfw furry reference sheet, full nudity 

Gloves the tossum, a hot-headed mat wrestler from the hot climate of the southwest U.S. known for breaking arms and breaking microphones.

Sidenotes: Gloves is gray-asexual, didn't want to change up the flag to match... Shootfight refers to an actual, non-scripted fight, closer to something like an MMA match.

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furry art, wrestling 

I keep wanting to do an art themed month and while I might not make it every single day, I'm going to do my best to give more love to Knee and other deer this upcoming Deercember.

I'll likely keep these all threaded, let's see how long this gauntlet match goes!

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furry art, wrestling 

Next up for art dumping is some stuff I've done on painted scrap wood blocks I come across. I haven't bothered with getting an extensive marker set so I'm limited with color selection but it's very rewarding when the results are close to expectations.

gift for perinia! kayan is cute and needs belly rubs

mh- vent 

It's really bad that seeing someone else struggling with similar issues we go through is what pulled me out of a panic attack but that's just where we're at nowadays, huh.

If you draw anthro art, check out @AnthroArtPrompts and #AnthroArtPrompts for monthly prompts and optional quarterly themes :D

furry art wip, paw, tired meme 

One of these days I'll post an art WIP earnestly...

But as for today: AM-AM-AMONGUS

thank you @keliff for this incredible depiction of me and the first art of myself drawn

Wondering about one thing.
When you have a job during the week, do you play games after your day work? I'm curious.

Feel free to boost!

fediverse is objectively the best kind of social media because i can say shit like "the quickest way to improve living conditions is by dragging capitalists out into the streets and giving them the ol' Mussolini treatment" and not only will my insurance admin not ban me for suggesting that this is an acceptable way to deal with problems but may even jump into the replies with a quick "hell yeah" and a cute emoji

Happy Friday! Here's my most favorite piece of art that someone has commissioned from me! I love Soul Calibur so it was a blast.

#art #furry #SoulCalibur #Ivy #Nightmare

what do you mean i'm supposed to wear clothes. what do you think this thing is

I would like to (dis)prove something my transphobic father said.
#transgender people, did you choose a name that’s a diminutive of or sounds like your deadname?
Preferably boost for a larger sample size.

food recall (Jif peanut butter, salmonella contamination)

"The J. M. Smucker Co. is recalling select Jif® peanut butter products sold in the U.S. due to potential Salmonella contamination. Salmonella is an organism which can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, frail or elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems. Healthy persons infected with Salmonella often experience fever, diarrhea (which may be bloody), nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain."

They include a long list of affected product UPC codes, as well as a lot code range of 1274425 – 2140425. Lot codes are printed alongside the best-used-by date.

self reflection 

Part of the reason I never (at least seriously) did that meme poll is because I still kinda get weirded out by the fact that other people can perceive me and I can give off vibes.

Not in a "don't look at me!" way but more like, "Oh, I'm allowed to do that?"

It's such an odd -but good- feeling whenever anyone online remembers me or when friends recognize my art. 💜


capitalists and many leftists are really defeatist. Yeah my idea of a perfect world is utopian, that's the point. If we don't work towards the utopia because it's "unrealistic" then we'll never even get close

there’s been some cute trans positive stickers in my area lately.

This one is a plain white sticker with “trans women enrich womanhood” handwritten on it. The sticker is on a shiny metal pole and there are office buildings lit up in the background.

furry art, non-explicit nudity 

Made this back in December but wasn't happy enough with it at the time to post it. Looking back at it, it's fine for a first attempt at animating digitally.

Been thinking about this again ever since we discovered that Krita's "export to GIF" function mysteriously started working again. Having to jump through hoops after it was done was half the reason we gave up on animating.

people who write with ADHD, i have a question; how do you do it.

i'm currently struggling to fill out an idea i had a while ago that i was and still am very happy with. but i haven't touched it in weeks and i don't want it to wither away. so how do you do it? do you force yourself to write things? go and try and find things that put you in mind to write again?

boosts would be appreciated, and advice even more so. :boost_ok:

artist badges and emote attribution are not live on twitch!

be sure to do this whenever you can to recognize and credit those whose work has created fun and neat things for you to use!

Eye contact (drawing) 

🩸“A Pleasure Meeting You”🩸

Some furry art today!
A portrait of one of my fursonas, Nikon, the striped hyena.
Don’t they look handsome?

#MastoArt #FediArt #Furry #FurryArt #Fursona #DigitalArt

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