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introduction, fursuit picture, fursona reference and art 

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nsfw furry reference sheet, full nudity 

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furry art, wrestling 

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furry art, wrestling 

I have now noticed the bit under Knee's arm that was missing color, which has been fixed.

Something something "thank you for your patience" something something "sorry for the inconvenience."

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You go to a fancy restaurant and this lady offers you water wyd

furry art, ec, allusion to violence 

cw: cartoon dragon titties filling out the Boob Glimpse Meme that's going around this week 

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it’s a real shame the term “gender critical” has been taken by the raging transphobes, because otherwise it’d be a fantastic term for those moments when your experience of gender hits 2× as strong

furry art 

I felt bad leaving out nonbinary flag cause, I'm still struggling a bit with gender. but a friend special requested a nonbinary raccoon!

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so there's this Queer Games Bundle (I have a gmae in it :3) on that's being sold for the duration of pride month

it's such a cool thing and I'd super love it people could help boost this cause I think the masto crowd and people who are interested in a queer itch bundle line up quite nicely!!!!

...and a pay what you can version:

All this name talk: yall can choose your names, and even just thinking of that is more effort and control over yourself than most people even consider doing-- even if they don't like their name.
It is powerful

furry art, ec 

A nice and fun outing for a couple of cuties!

Full scene commission for @chr , ft @Zest !

Thank you so much again, I’m so glad to be back to art! 😁

Interested in a full scene? They’re on sale for $100 per order, painted shading included!

new art meme for summer 2021, draw ur fursona wearing this cute watermelon dress. their gender doesn't matter

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