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(re)introduction post, furry art reference sheet, ec, non-explicit nudity 

Hello, it's Tabitha but you can call me Tabi or Socks. I am one alter of the Ribbon system alongside @FingersEntoes and @Fibribbon . Collectively, we are a hobbyist furry artist and nudist, so expect to see nudity in our art!

I am nonbinary (they/em) and asexual. I specifically enjoy worldbuilding and comic making alongside playing puzzle, strategy, and racing games. :yeen:

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nsfw furry reference sheet, full nudity 

Gloves the tossum, a hot-headed mat wrestler from the hot climate of the southwest U.S. known for breaking arms and breaking microphones.

Sidenotes: Gloves is gray-asexual, didn't want to change up the flag to match... Shootfight refers to an actual, non-scripted fight, closer to something like an MMA match.

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furry art, wrestling 

I keep wanting to do an art themed month and while I might not make it every single day, I'm going to do my best to give more love to Knee and other deer this upcoming Deercember.

I'll likely keep these all threaded, let's see how long this gauntlet match goes!

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furry art, wrestling 

Next up for art dumping is some stuff I've done on painted scrap wood blocks I come across. I haven't bothered with getting an extensive marker set so I'm limited with color selection but it's very rewarding when the results are close to expectations.

Though he is a dragon, clock uses magic to usually remain a smaller size

for pythus, who's been having a time of it as most of us have lately

this fuzzy dragon is his

Day 1 of clocktober

Clock is chilling on se pumpkins, saying naughty words w a grin

nsfw furry art, nudity, genitals, ec, stripping, exhibitionism, fluids 

Four page, wordless comic version of Phoebe's self-indulgent, kinky short story. Seen here:

Phoebe πŸ‘ it/its
Bea πŸ•she/her
Stilt [maned wolf] they/them

job search + 

Scheduled a follow-up, in-person interview on a day and then found out that my current job is giving everyone that day off *with* pay.

See, I don't necessarily believe that it's a sign from the universe to "get that work" but it feels great that I'm going to be getting paid while interviewing.

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job search + 

Had a phone interview and successfully stopped myself from saying "sus." Yeah, it went alllllright.

she's beauty

she's grace

the drapery leaves very little to the imagination

(jules mohr, currently a kirin inspired by the "bongo" antelope, in muted autumn coat. this design is not final.)

spent far too much time on this mewtwo doing a kickflip at the skatepark outside north station you see via the commuter rail

theres a process drawing video but u gotta tip me on kofi to see it!

job search 

I'd call these people spineless. Not out of cowardice but just due to the fact of working 60 hour weeks, it turned to dust already.

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job search 

Workaholics please keep your fetishes away from job boards, who the fuck is looking at demanding physical labor jobs and agreeing to working 10-12 hours for six days a week?

Cool to see Krita trending. I use it to draw. Fuckin love Krita.

nsfw furry art, ec, nudity, genitals, collars/leashes, implied collar on viewer, oral sex, footplay 

Been working on redesigning an old-ish OC from a sergal into a dragon, not 100% on their design but they've come pretty far... They might just fit in well here. :yeen_blush:

🦝 Reese (he/him)
🦎 Bex (she/her)
πŸ‡ Specs (xe/xem/xer)
πŸ‰ Neon (they/them)

mh- violence mention 

I genuinely can't remember the last day that passed without at least one person actively trying to harm us for no good reason.

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