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furry art, wrestling 

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introduction, fursuit picture, fursona reference and art 

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furry art, wrestling 

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nsfw furry art included, nudity, food 

Sona art, gift 

Oh wow, one of the two devs of Lenna's Inception went and watched some of my Twitch playthrough of the game. That's so cool

work rambling 

my gal Alexis is so pretty ~

Artwork by my friend AttacRacc

NSFW furry art, non-explicit 

furry art, non-explicit nudity 

Asking help for a friend, Twitter link, boosts ok 

Here are the premades I'll be making! Still up for grabs and will be made with a sock paw pattern! I can also do plain colors as well! DM if interested in purchasing:)

furry art, non-explicit nudity 

nsfw furry art, nudity (genitals) 

Practicing semi-realism! A tiger enjoying a nice soak ✨
If you could ethically keep any wild animal as a pet, what would you choose?

commissioned art repost, birdsite link 

A young artist is exhibiting his work for the first time.

A well-known art critic is in attendance and approaches the artist to say: “Would you like to hear my opinion on your work?”

The artist: “Yes.”

The critic: “It’s garbage.”

The artist: “I know, but let’s hear it anyway.”

A few words on positivity and toxic positivity :)

drawn artistic nudity 

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