I don't post much at all here anymore. I think maybe I should finally make this account about my gamedev work and art and stuff??? this was my "personal" space away from it but it's not providing that function anymore. maybe people would be happy seeing my stuff here more finally. I dunno

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Money, panhandling, MH(-) 

I feel bad I didn't do descriptions on the pics but I'm so high anxiety (like legit, mental illness anxiety) while posting these on the socials and I totally couldn't deal with the extra effort sorry x__x

new commission (new this time cause I took longer to do this one lol) for elle

furry bits nudity, a little bondage 

gonna post some old commissions that I posted on twitter and FA just now cause why not

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Beg post, please boost! 


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what's the etiquette for posting commissions you did for people when it was a while ago (like a year) and it's a lot of work to find and message them all again just to ask permission

am I in my head too much thinking I should get permission from everyone?? or is it rude to just post it??

oh yeah the discord link to our game's discord is turned off now

instead there's a page on our site that will get people there, if anyone's interested


there's a youtube trailer on the site plus a link to the steam page which has more info on it too

*CW for nudity and (pixel art) gore*

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just started a discord for my game I'm making, Nice Spice

18+ only, game has furry fetish stuff


and if you wanna know what the game is here's the site for it:


my finger and thumb are getting so tender from slap bass xP

neurodivergence post on twitter that annoys me 

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neurodivergence post on twitter that annoys me 

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