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Sharing this here in the hopes we'll get some traction.

We're moving all of our furniture and belongings out of our ex's apartment and to our friend's apartment today, and will be moving it all again to our new apartment likely in the first week of June.

At the current time though, we do not have enough to cover First & Last Month's Rent. So if y'all could boost or donate it would be greatly appreciated.

If you'd like some art in return, please DM us and let us know!

twitter makes me feel fucking horrible

someone on twitter was saying that admins of mastodon instances can read people's DMs...... is that true?!?!?!?

horny kink 

I just want to be filled to the brim with dog cum, is that so much to ask? :p

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horny kink 

I just want to be filled with so much cum while wearing a collar and leash

yknow, as you do


ooooooh it's coming tomorrow!!! (technically today cause it's after midnight)

gonna be so good at backing things up lol. downloaded a program to do it automatically and everything

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like omg it's something practical and I will use my computer in a slightly different way now?!?!? amazing

this is just the level of change I can handle I guess lol

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Im way too irrationally excited over getting a hard drive for backups lol

world -, video games 

games that push more and more expensive equipment are bad & unethical, for lots of reasons I wont get into here

but I think it says a lot that the types of things that are supposed to be exciting about them are so painfully boring just like "this person looks realistic" "these rocks have so many polygons" or "we scanned this celebtrity's face into the game because celebrity faces sell more products"


maybe that's a bad view because maybe making what youre passionate about is the most important thing

I think if youre making stuff just for personal reasons then thats different than making stuff to sell etc. if it's for capitalism reasons it's just important you are good at what you do

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about doing creative stuff...

I feel like "you need to have inspiration strike, so you have good ideas" is wrong

but "just start, do it right now" is also wrong, at least for me maybe because neurodivergence

I think the reality is that inspired or not, what you make will be about the same quality. but it's a lot easier to have the drive to put in the effort when you feel inspired even if it really only matters to you and won't affect how much other people like the end result

doing a chilll music stream for a bit if anyone wants to listen!

I really dig this animated gif of our game, I like the look of these areas a lot

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moneybeg, pls boost 

Had another patron drop pledges so now im behind more on funds

If anyone reading this can help pick up slack w 5 or 10$ a month to my patreon or kofi thatd be,, great,, cuz i cant fit a 700$ a month budget into 600. Ive already cut out everything i can like orange juice or "fun"

Ive been in a slow backwards financial slide ever since my cancer diagnosis in 2018 & just cant physically recover fast enough to bounce back .-. Ty


art mh? 

I guess one thing that isnt healthy about my perfectionism over creative stuff is like..... if I am embarrassed by doing a little less good than I know I can, then that would mean I think people who are more amatuerish than me are embarrassing? but I dont really think that with other people

do I think that music's a competition and that you can "cheat" on it like as if it's a test or something? I wanna say no, but like kinda yes?!?? but I don't come from a place like the cleanest most precise player wins, I think being really talented/impressive but also showing mistakes and imperfections is definitely the most exciting and inspiring thing to me

anyway that's my take on musician/guitarist discourse that prob no one here cares about in the first place lol

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I'm kinda frustrated I can't do like super robotic precise like other people can because....... well I *CAN* but with cheating like speeding stuff up etc, but that isn't what I wanna do I dunno...... it's just like, not something that feels aligned with what music's about for me

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still proud of this even tho it got no attention so far lol

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pleased with myself that I was able to play this line tonight, it's giving me some confidence I can do some technical-sounding metal for real

mh words 

it sucks that "depressed" as a word is both a mood and a disease

"what are you depressed about" I dunno brain chemicals?

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