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System Members which need careful attention if fronting. 

NIA System Library Summaries (Strange Energy):

-Eico (aii-ko) (They) -- Small, empty-headed. Counting is difficult. Flawed memory. Difficulty directly hearing or talking with the rest of the system. Will lose time if left alone.

-P-Clam (It/It!) -- "Jesture" kobold-y thing. Only communicates in miming/gestures/narrations/speech-theft. Size manipulator. Mania and schadenfreude, especially when the sufferer is the rest of the system.

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NIA System Library Summaries (High Energy):

-Oci (her/they) -- Fennec-Coyote hybrid. Always been here! Highest energy, and wants to do practically everything. Therian/Otherkin. Sensitive to everything.

-Xarzithva "Xarz" (She/Her) -- White dragon (European influence). A lithe, domme-type. Rather icy, and typically less trusting unless given rein. Tires easily.

-Ashlyn (her/they) -- Black Deer. Strong, shorter-fused, will fight. Tomboyish and defensive. Prone to headaches.

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NIA Library Summaries (Low Energy):

-Reyshiirn "Rey" (They/He/Any) -- Quiet. More reserved, soft-spoken, calmer, exacting, probably mostly influenced by our autism. Utilitarian and aloof.

-Gnaish (naysh) (We-i ; Theyt/Themt) -- Asymmetric, multi-limbed, and from Chaos. Chimera of some kind; appearance varies but is around alligator x elk x cougar. Pain proves life.

-Grain (They/It) -- No mass, only vectors, outlines, eyes, and roots. Worries over all futures. Hates the weight of flesh.

Commission for

Can you believe it's been 2 years since the hydrajon sequence?

macros so large they have to wear blinky light clothes

all the animal holidays in september i'm aware of, because i like to know these things 

1: ginger cat
3: vulture
4: pet rock (i say it counts)
8: iguana
9: (teddy) bear
10: hound
17: red panda, bird
22: rhino, elephant (again)
24: rabbit, bluebird of happiness
28: rabies (not an animal, but heads up)
30: koala

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all the animal holidays left in august i'm aware of, because i like to know these things 

12th: elephant day
17: black cat day
20: mosquito day
26: dog day
27: bat night
39: whale shark day

mh-, specifics 

replacement vr hmd cable, over ear headset is falling apart, shoes soles are disintegrating, looking to move by end of September, want to get promoted to actual Intel hire to help with costs, pining for art, wanting to get our model updated and on other vr platforms, gender surguries
So much

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mh-, specifics 

Caught in a spiral of feeling like i have no power to do anything for myself, making me dysfunctional to where i can't even start anything to try. There is just so much on my plate and everything to start stressing the list costs more than i can save

I spent a while tonight trying to collect my thoughts about the state of VRChat and my feelings for the community I found there. It's too long to bother making a thread of, and it's a bit rambly, but here's the link:


Body caught up to mind, not great. gonna shut down for a bit

It will be fine, but i can only delay breakage for so long

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stream, self promo, Necrodancer 

I still have COVID, but I'm feeling healthy enough to attempt a stream today, and I can't not pounce on the new Necrodancer DLC as fast as I can, so I'm starting that on in a few minutes! #ENVtuber

mh, stresses 

When you dont realize how much stress is actually on you until you count it all out

ishgard is cold, but you can keep warm with a nice fireplace and a nice chocoboconnie to snuggle with ::>

(gift from
@bupy that makes me smile so much my face hurts, I feel outrageously pretty here... kweh πŸ’•)

nsfw furry porn!! lesbian dragons doing lesbian dragon things 

art for Aquilak ( )!

grabbin' titty and touchin' pussy

*holds a @Zauberin in one hand and a @toydragon in the another*

"Gee, why does mom let you have Two Hotdogs?"

Im gaaaaayy

technically jokes are in comedy superposition of both hitting and missing until observed

Did you know?

I am kissing u
Right now
It is unavoidable

a concerningly unknown number of jet the hawk impersonators aproaches

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