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Steven Universe fan art!
View the full image before anyone else, and see my full process here:

Copano shows his gratitude by giving Spyro and Sparx a well-deserved rest.
Purchase prints and merch of this piece here:

Commission for @twofold_fgc who asked me to draw a character I designed for them a while back.

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beach Max lookin cute as hell, ready to make everybody swoon

lovely patreon sketch from @JungaBeast πŸ’œ

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Me, a fool, got a second OC/Fursona 

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i ate some weird candy and now i feel all flakey and hollow..... oops 🎊

LycaΓ±ata Kayde drawn by @JungaBeast!!! and the species design is by squidinu on twitter!

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had a primal urge to hop on the LycaΓ±ata train so i shoved a bunch of infectious smarties down my gob

commission by @JungaBeast :3333 species design is by squidinu on twitter

Some artistic freedom character design commissions for bluedraconicknight, rosykitz, and shameful_cole

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