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Hey there! I'm JungaBeast.
I am an independent illustrator who loves drawing animals and original characters.

Commission info:

I hope you enjoy my art!

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Y’all check out this lovely commission of Rudy I got from Oouna at FurAffinity.

#2 has been claimed! #1 and #3 are still available.

These are collaborations between myself and @stealthnachos
Here are a couple of examples of previously finished egg adopts.

Dragon Egg Adopts - Buy an egg and get a character!

$60 each. Includes a full body drawing + a detail shot.

These will be dragons only, and you can choose between anthro or feral, the type of dragon, gender, and body type.

If you're interested, please email me at [email protected]

Character sheet for veryalertpup on Twitter.

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Another personal character, this one is Blitz. She's a werewolf that stays in werewolf form using her moonstone necklace. She acted like a dog as a human too, so it's not much different anyway.
Commission me:

The instrument you played in high school determines what your likely fursona is.
Flute: rabbit/deer
Clarinet: mustelid
Saxophone: skunk/cat
F horn: sheep/aquatic
Trumpet: lion/canine
Trombone: equine/big cat
Baritone: sloth/bovine
Tuba: bear/large mammal
Percussion: hyena/dragon

(Btw I just made this for funsies. Feel free to tell me if I’m right or wrong.)

One more thing. I’m trying to adjust myself and turn off “professional mode.” I really want to be more okay to, like, be myself on a platform rather than being like an art robot.

I just worry people may not like who I am.

I don’t really like most of idubbbz’s content, but Jesus Christ I feel the “I have crippling depression” bit on a spiritual level.

Here, I'll do a sin. NSFW Show more

Here, I'll do a sin. NSFW Show more

I love this site because now I can see all ya'll's sins. It's amazing and I love ya'll for it.

I want to follow more artists/creators on here. Are there any folks you guys recommend?

Commission for wyvernknight.
This was a really fun piece! During a stream I mentioned, "What if what artists drew could transform the commissioner?"

Commissions available:

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I should draw sonicfox’s OC sometime.

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