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*new* fursona reveal! Kobold! 

Meet Flips! They are way better at skating than I am, and they're a v good kobold (probably won't eat your electronics)

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Food, Fursona (re)reveal 

Oh yeah, uh, this is my fursona, Pizza Pup! Tell her how pretty she is!

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Intro post! Selfie ec 

Intro post! Finally~ It's nice to meet y'all

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light horror, gender 

Oh, my gender? Hmm... How to explain...

Imagine you're in a place that's familiar to you, that you visited a long time ago and used to be comforting. It's different now, abandoned and dilapidated, the air is thick and oppressive, like it's telling you to leave. You hear sounds that shouldn't be, animalistic, but not like any animal that should ever be. You can't leave though, not until you find what you came here for...

I'm femme non-binary but I still like the word "Woman"

Metal Machine Music

Capt. Sensible would often play shows in dresses, or just fully nude. This eventually inspired Bob Stinson of The Replacements to do the same thing, to add some visual flair to their shows, and other members of the band would join in

Paul Westerbrook hadn't heard the word "androgynous" until after they starting doing this, & several times the band was hassled on the streets after shows for their outfits & that led to this song, which if ur not familiar with you should be

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The Damned where cool bc they all seemed like they where in entirely different bands. And also because they played really great music, Machine Gun Etiquette is an underrated classic up there w/ London Calling and The Ramones self titled.


These aren't bands but afaik every sports team doesn't have a "the" at the start of their name

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Bunny the Lifeguard was the first bunny boy and we need to honor his legacy

wait also

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Best thing to have on a shirt

Food, alc, baseball 

Thinking about the Marlins taco deal again

T-shirt idea 

Text saying "The Notorious R. B. G." but it's with a black and white picture of Blanche from Golden Girls

Music genre with the broadest types of sounds

when someone does the multiple eyes emoji like 👀👀👀 or something, that means their eyes are popping out of their head like in a cartoon. They're probably also going "awoooga" and their heart is visibly pumping out of their chest or something, keep this in mind,

Movies should bring back rear screen projection imho,

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