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*new* fursona reveal! Kobold! 

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Food, Fursona (re)reveal 

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Intro post! Selfie ec 

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light horror, gender 

Tf kink 

What's a kin onion

I googled it but all I get is a knife designer

I am once again reminding you that the Polynesian community has asked that you use the term โ€œpolyamโ€ in lieu of โ€œpolyโ€ when talking about polyamory.

Re: kink, loneliness 

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Re: kink, loneliness, vague ref to covid 

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kink, loneliness, vague ref to covid 

Y'all should watch this again, I'm a sucker for odd couple tag teams that work better than they have any right to.

CW for like, goofy wrestle violence, moment that looks like it's gonna be transphobic/queerphobic but isn't (I don't think they meant it to come across that way)

wrestling, looking for one specific match, plz boost if you have wrestlefriends 

Anyways y'all should watch Tom's Tales from 2020, a skate vid sponsored by Vans EU that explores a lotta crusty, fucked up, weird spots in really gnarly and creative ways, well edited and a cool selection of music!

CW for the aforementioned near death thing, and a bunch of gnarly slams

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Skate clip, near death (nobody gets hurt, it's just a rly close call) 

Selfie ec, weird Photoshop edit, kinda advocating for a streamer I guess 

My dad threatened to have me committed so I am now homeless and would like to beg for a place to stay for a day or two. I'm being serious. I'm in northern germany.
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