uh. sightread on the new 20 in sdvx and i just. casually AA it.

it's still a feat when i get an A on other 20s, this one i casually AAd. this one. the one that's 998 bpm. what happened here.

my albion online guild found someone streaming with 0 delay yesterday

he ganked one of our guys so we formed up to just keep clowning on him repeatedly, making him more and more mad until he started saying slurs on stream at which point like 10 of us reported him

lol gottem

hell yesssss

extreme difficulty duo-d, somehow

friend of mine somehow got downed in the escape zone while i was running away and it still gave us completion credit?? just ticked up to 100% during the death animation so she escaped while dead and me like 500 meters away lmfao

does the back of my jacket scream "gay furry trash" loud enough yet

oooohhhh that feels good. hardest map in the game down.

didnt do any of the optional objectives and D2 with both optionals is *definitely* harder, but like. hardest normal mode down.

DAMNIT. almost soloed R4A2 in gtfo

final alarm door done, final sleeper on the wave. i'm on 12% health. final sleeper is a striker. miss my shot. gg.

strikers hit for *exactly* 12% so. the narrowest possible margin.

three doors they could have come through and of course they pick the one i didn't get reinforced aaaaaaaaaaaa

maaaaaaan i really wish i could put the snakebite piercings back in but idk they fucked up my teeth real bad in the 5 years or so i had 'em and theres no way thats worth it

mildly nsfw shitpost 

huh wow guess i hit 3 years on hrt a few days back. neat.

ah cool brain's back on the "i wanna get a tattoo but everyone in town sucks at anything but neotraditional and im not doing that" train

just finished a 2-hour long run of gtfo aaaaaaaaaaa my brain is melting

r4b1-extreme done now tho.

onto r4b2.

oh MAN
wired guitar hero controller arrived today and wowowow i did not realize just how severe the input drops from the wireless ps3 one i had were

haven't played this game since april and i'm now getting casual 99%s on tracks i used to get like, 94% on.

@ sony what the fuck were you doing with the wireless spec on the ps3 to drop that many inputs

complaining abt work but kinda + 

half meta half shitpost 

yknow BMTH has always been one of those bands thats like, just barely on the edge of "actually really good" for me, with a few songs that are actually good

listening to a few songs off their latest album though, i think they've finally become 'actually good' for me

venting, mh(---) 

two hour run, one room from the exit, took a side route to grab some supplies because we needed some health and ammo before doing the final escape event, and

actually nvm it's not the hardest there's the bonus difficulty on ourovoros but like. hardest *normal* song.

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