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lewd yeehaw 

"Yeah, yeah, we've all seen Polythreman plush toys. What in blazes is that metal fastener?"

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lewd yeehaw 

Oh, yeah, I can post my Fallen London character.

"Dear, you really don't know what you're getting into."

bodyimage (+ I think?) 

mildly subpost 

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there needs to be a meme format for

"Ah, you have replied to my post in a way that makes it very clear you somehow think the thing you're saying literally isn't what I was pointedly gesturing at"

ffxiv oh gods I'm going to hurt myself. 

forgive me masto, for I have sinned.

I made my new twitter header my header here too.

lewd kobold, ec, the straightest art you may ever find me drawing. 

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lewd kobold, ec, the straightest art you may ever find me drawing. 

Huh, I just realized I should have specified.

"Kos you really should draw more cis* men."

I will go out of my way to draw some cool ass masc transmen!

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a strawman 'fan' I've invented for this post:

"Kos you really should draw more men."

me, looking up from my tablet:


Like I really fucking hate that this is a stereotype, and I'm happy every time I find an exception.

But I really don't like how often I've been burned by NOT doing it :/

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the eternally "fun" game of finding a cool japanese artist and needing to take a quick peek through their twitter history to make sure they don't post or boost loli/nazi shit :/

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