Frustration, car. 

Hi, hello, it me the artist 2 days into what will probably be a 4.5 day trip.

I slunemberest upont the hotel bed now <3


game desgin (rpg, cont) 

game desgin (rpg, idea 2, cont) 

game desgin (rpg, idea 2) 

game desgin (rpg, Idea 1) 

game desgin (rpg) 

cop mention 

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fucking government agencies. 

grump, bureaucracy, delays. 

grump, bureaucracy, delays. 

Hey so.

Why is Tiamat a red dragon with 4 heads on?

So a deep soul searching moment.

I may have typed they'mst into a chat just to have autocorrect change it to she'mst. I... Hey uh.. so hey. What does this say about me????

What hateful being invented 7am?

9am is when a day starts.
This sucks.

the year horny and wholesome SHALL be synonymous.

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