I'm reading about a Baltimore fire in 1904, that was so big that firefighters from D.C., NYC, Harrisburg, and Philly were called.

But when they got there, they found that their hoses couldn't connect to any of the Baltimore hydrants.

Because there was no industry standardization on threads, fittings, couplings, etc. Because every company wanted their product to become the standard.

So they watched the city burn for a while.

Capitalism fetishists will never mention these stories, of course.

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appreciation: “i like monsters”
infatuation: “i love monsters”
sexuality: “i love monsters~”
affection: “i love on monsters”
comfort: “i’m loved by monsters”
imagination: “i wanna be a monster”
introspection: “i could be a monster”
identity: “i am a monster”
validation: “you are a monster”
community: “we are monsters”
shelter: “we host monsters”
safety: “we protect monsters”

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HEY! do you wanna get some shiny new art, AND help a trans girl keep a roof over her head in the process??

🍓 hire-a-ringtail.skolli.org 🍓

if you don't need art but you're into music, i make a whole bunch of music across a few different bandcamps:


ALSO, if you don't need or want art OR music but DO want to help, i have a ko-fi: ko-fi.com/skolli

literally anything at all is appreciated so much <3 <3 <3

Yeah. Gonna take the day. May end up doing a stream monday instead? I dunno.

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LB: you ever think about how many mc/tf kinks out there more or less boil down to “I wish I was part of a really low-stress, trustworthy social circle, and also maybe we could all fuck sometimes”

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(furry art, nudity)

Mocha's looking a little batty lately...

(Mocha's a bat-fox (chocolate) now! She's so cute :3)

Art by @Draekos! (thank you!!!)

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