Hey look, it me!

Doing the proffessionalism? I guess so! Come on by if you're at the furcon thing that I'm at :D

Why do other artists always draw Kos with such big boobles tho? I've not drawn her super stacked in ages <_<

-tail end of sick
-bad sleep, tired
-vague grumpies
-generally zoned out
-"But why can't I get more art done?"


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I should make more Mawr ✨Plushes✨ so I can actually finish all the projects I've decided to do. :3

Mawr ✨Plushes✨ that can make more Mawr ✨Plushes✨? :thaenkin:

Von Newmawr ✨Plushes✨! :thinkhappy:

Huh, I wonder why ✨plush✨ is on my mind?

Also, trying out button eyes <_< I like the look

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when birds preen and stick their leg out like a ballet dancer

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