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Just putting up a fresh pinned tweet with my prices <3

If you're interested in commissions me please either DM me here, email me or otherwise contact me for a link to my commission form.

for context. I bought new shoes today (since my old ones finally fell apart)

and uh..

I need some cute laces :V

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My, trying to see if my gender can slide to NB so I can enjoy that fucking good flag.

I dunno if it's working

lewd admission 

tbh kinda wish I spent today just being demolished by ladydick but hey. This is the life we live <_<

we did it folks. I did some art (and chores and posting my finished art on other sites)

I did a productive even though my brain was elsewhere

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Also, speaking of Jo (and gosh Talija is ccuuutte!



Someone please give me an image to paint over for this background maybe?

I'm really blanking on a good look (and tried like 3 already) so hey. Where's Jo standing bringing a cool big lady a drink?

well art just isn't coming out so I think today is when I get around to uploading the finished work I've done since oh boy I've been procrastinating <_<

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Hey brain? Can we like... think about art please? I'd like to draw this afternoon.

For those lacking context: no name is like, the cheaper storebrand for the Loblaws/subsidiary grocery stores.

They normally just do food.

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Hey friends just that one Canadian brand having a completely normal one

I do want to say that 2012's TNMT didn't just have an Aliens episode in season 1, but season 3 has been littered with horror move references. Including Jason, The Thing, Freddy and Evil Dead (in the same ep!!!)

But it has a fucking SAW episode!

How to tell someone "Hey it actually really fucking sucks that your addition to discussions is talking about how stupid/unwanted you are."

A: Not being a trigger for them to just start beating themselves up more

B: They maybe learn that them constantly saying this shit makes it really draining to be around them.

another day another instance of me creating increasingly baffling porn with Grace in it. I don't know how to explain this, much less tag it. You've been warned 

a commission for @hearth guest starring one @BestGirlGrace doing


okay like it's team fortress 2 spy sapping sentry, right? but like, Hearth is the sentry and also super cute and instead of sapping its a yeehaw (which is an in-joke reference towards aural sex based on this whole thing with Grace which, like, okay so to explain that we have to roll back to this old political cartoon-

DOOM 2016 no wait would be interested in other players' opinions. 

Weapon(mod) Teir list:

Gauss Siege Mode
AR Micro Rockets
Shotgun Grenade
RPG Lock On
AR Scope
BFG (it's just so powerful it's not fun)
Shotgun ChargeBurst
Plasma Heatblast (but not the gun)
Chaingun Rotator
Chainsaw (I guess??? I forgot it was a thing for most of the game)
Plasma Stun (and the gun itself)

(everything else I didn't even unlock in time to bother trying it without upgrades)

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DOOM 2016, closing thoughts 

Like I want to be clear:

Doom 2016 isn't a BAD game.

But it wasn't what I wanted from the hype I'd heard.

I guess the game can be summed up in one of me deaths: low on health and nearing the end of a fight I tried to glorykill an imp near a railing. I got some sweet slapstick gore of crushing his head... against open air. A fountain of HP to nearly top me up... but also the animation ended with me past the railing so I fell and died.

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DOOM 2016, some thoughts, beat the game 

I guess it comes down to: do you want a modern version of the original doom game's vibes, jank and all? You've probably already played this by now.

If, at the end of the day like me, you want something more.... tactical out of a shooter? I dunno. Try it out?

I still very much feel like the supershotgun, plasma rifle and minigun are kinda pointless? I'm curious of the alternate reality where dev time into making those went into other ideas.

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DOOM 2016, some thoughts, beat the game 

Really want to commend tho, the amount of characterization DoomSlayer has.

Not in the glorykills, they kinda just blurred into the same music sting sound and squelching, but in his interaction with anything else.

The like, pause, consideration, then quickly snagging the Vega backup while Hayden's talking? Holy shit, they DID give me something as good as the "it was for the good of humanity" at the start!

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