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Hiya! :heart_sparkles_pride: My name is Doki, and I'm actually new to public social media (or even posting my art online, it's been literal years???), so... I'm excited to see how this goes! :blobcatreach:

I'm a femme queer cat who likes adorning my face with ✨fabulous glitter✨ and is also going through my Sonic Phase™ as an adult. OOPS??? I'm also coming to terms with the fact I'm a million times more furry than I thought haha. DOUBLE OOPS.

(P.S. Sonic and Shadow should totally smooch okay)

Gamers, just letting you know that it's okay to play on EASY difficulty. You don't need to prove anything to anyone. Videogames are meant to be enjoyable. Have fun 💜

*SLIGHTLY* disappointed that i can’t make my hair look like space irl, but i’m working on it

LRT: I absolutely love that video OMG, it's so wild???

(And TBH considering Sonic has gone toe-to-toe with gods in various media, it's... not wrong LOL)

I'd been putting off buying this zine until I had enough money to actually pay the artist something decent (they were only asking for $1 but I gave them $15), and I'm so glad I finally got it OMG. if only doujinshi weren't so expensive. :blobeyes:

Okay, yeah, my mood has turned around now. I've been brought to tears over a Shadow fanzine, of all things.

GOOD TEARS, THOUGH LOL??? I just. I just love my edgy baby so much, and this artist NAILED his character. 👌🏼 :sparkles_red:

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Anyway, I promise I'm done venting now! Thanks for reading, if you did. :heart_sparkles_pride:

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I keep noticing my icon since I changed it and just. Laughing SO HARD??? ?? ? ????

1000000/10, MY MOST BEAUTIFUL ARTWORK EVER :sparkles_red:

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Okay. ONE more CWed post about this job interview and then I swear I’m done venting! I don’t wanna clog up anyone’s timeline with ~bad vibes~ haha. :blobcatbreadpeek:

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This place is super casual so it’s not as weird as it sounds, a t-shirt would probably be fine! But I think I’m gonna go with my leather jacket zipped up and my galaxy pants, that maybe looks a LITTLE fancier...?

I have a job interview at a coffeeshop I REALLY wanna work at in an hour... and it’s taking everything in my power to not wear a Sonic t-shirt OMG :blobmiou: :sparkles_blue:

Just finished rewatching Sonic X* and BRB gonna go cry over how much I love it hhhhhh! :blobheartcat: Every time I finish marathoning it I feel simultaneously hyped as hell and like there’s a hedgehog-shaped hole in my heart OMG

* (the Japanese dub, the English is a little... well, 4Kids sure did, uh... make some changes, huh)

I actively want to stop listening to live and learn but I cant.

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