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an old draw but heres my fursone until i get a proper ref ; o; πŸ’™

Hey friends! I'm gonna be doin' a lil scribble stream soon! If you'd like one, you can toss my buddy over here a ko-fi or two and DM me a screenshot and a ref! easy peasy~ < check them out here, and i'll see you in a bit!

Im so tired hhhh
Also hi im not dead i swear

hi im still alive but more active on twitter!

Also feel free to come say hi if you see me @ MFF!!! Im excited to meet everyone!! πŸ’™ :lblue_heart: πŸ’™ :lblue_heart:

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🎧 i wanna get people i can share my insp tunes with
and more people to share music stuff with me, i love
songs,,,,,, 🎧

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