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@Adriel They're 21. You saw them blow out their 20th cake candles, but the time it took for the light to reach your eyes means that it happened 1 year ago. By the time you see them blow out their 20th cake candles they'll already be working on their 21st.

Now consider how far away everything is in the vastness of space. there's so much out there that could be so different than what we currently see.

I wish to see as much of it as I can some day, though I may have been born too early for that.

A "Light-year" is a distance of 9.461 × 1012 kilometers, or about 9.5 Trillion kilometers if you want an easier rounded number to work with.

This means that in time it takes for light to reach a point in space from 9.5 trillion km away, the light will have travelled for ~1 Earth year.

This also means that the light is "Old" by 1 Earth Year.

Consider this: You have a friend that lives 9.5 trillion kilometers away. You can see them blow out a candle for their 20th birthday. How old are they?

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"I wanna watch a play through of a game I won't play myself, but, I also don't wanna watch youtube for more than a few hours..."

*searches for speedruns*

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i'd love new mastodon friends, feel free to boost!

Me: "Don't look at those fantasy games sweety, they're a bad influence and- oh no"

My fursona: "It is too late, mother. I now own 5 swords and also I'm gay."

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So, I've been doing creative writing and I got to thinking, if I did a small "choose your own adventure" type of thing, would anyone like to participate?

I figure a small thing like this would be a neat way for me to try to flesh out the world in a lore-writing kind of sense.

Tonight's musical mood is:

nujabes, kudasai, and slipfunc

really feeling that lo-fi hip-hop / jazz rap right now

btw, petition to call "Shitposting" "Funposting" from now on

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youtube stop trying to show me how to make Bismuth crystals

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