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gonna help a friend win an Apex Legends tournament on saturday. She said that her team only requires a single person from her college (her) so another pal of mine and myself are gonna team up with her and sweep the competition away >:3

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im cleaning a popcorn machine and it makes me wanna vom

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just 2 and a half more hours... And then tomorrow I just got one more shift!! AND THEN IM DONE WITH WORK FOR A BIT!!!!

im at work so its prime funposting hours

the radio is actually playing that one song in new vegas aaa, the big iron one

im so happy

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speaking as a trans woman, <screams for approximately an hour>

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i hate 8 hour shifts why are these a thing

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retoot if u also have back and or joint problems at an age u Should Not Have These Problems

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gonna migrate all my accounts to a new email adress and change all my passwords tonight

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