It's a shame I have difficulty even dragging myself in front of my laptop nowadays ;;

Also she's a magic user, cause of course she is!! Her ability is called Desperately Safe.
It's a spirit that covers every surface within a certain radius of her that intervenes when something dangerous is about to happen to anyone she tells to be careful.

Got a new shortcut remote, gettin back on that horse
Enjoy my Animal Crossing girl~
(Also if you have Pocket Camp and still play it please add me ;w;)

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Oh fuck, now she's mad. She's reeeal angry, someone musta said some truly wack shit this time.....

*sparkle sparkle gleam~*
*shimmer, glimmer~*

New cute sticker for my pack!
If you ever need a big, squeezy bunny hug, hmu. I'll be there~๐Ÿฐ๐Ÿ’œโœจ

I really think I need to use Mastodon more, so I'm gonna try to like, leave it open by default on my laptop lol

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If anyone has name suggestions, feel free to leave them below! They are a gray bunny and they're really squishy

I really really really *really* want to play Bayonetta. "Tomorrow Is Mine" has been playing on repeat in my head for the past four days and I fucking, really need to buy it....

Ohhhh, I just found the *perfect* lipstick to go with my korpsplay~...
Also, dunno if y'all can tell, but the pink has like, a blue shimmer to it that I feel really lends itself to the whole entrancing pink kind of vibe from the RCGs. It looks really cool, trust me!!

When your name is a portmanteau of "zetsubou" and "bunny", you gotta make time to be excessively sad every now and again. So I made a sticker for it!

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