Ohhhh, I just found the *perfect* lipstick to go with my korpsplay~...
Also, dunno if y'all can tell, but the pink has like, a blue shimmer to it that I feel really lends itself to the whole entrancing pink kind of vibe from the RCGs. It looks really cool, trust me!!

When your name is a portmanteau of "zetsubou" and "bunny", you gotta make time to be excessively sad every now and again. So I made a sticker for it!

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Felt like we need a little more Trans Rights out here 💙💖💜

Okay, here's a little magic concept...

Signature Spell: Dress Down

Ability: In addition to improved potency when enchanting clothing, the user possesses the unique ability to transform living things into items of clothing. Individuals stay conscious while they are transformed and report a profound sense of calm for the duration of the magic's effect.

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In addition, these flames have a psychological effect. Just being near a roaring blaze pulls feelings of loneliness and abandonment to the forefront of the victim's mind, with the effect being strongest during direct contact.

Name: Vivi
Signature Spell: Paradise Lost
An incredibly heavy, pitch black spear that weighs like a feather in the user's hands. When struck against a surface like a match, the bladed end will ignite in a colorful blaze of fire, which can spread to any material. Although the fire cannot destroy matter, living beings who catch fire will feel pain as though they were being burned.

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Me and @kit got some cute art from :birdsite:@jpmeshew! you boys better look out because we got cooties and we ain't 'fraid to use 'em!

Damn, It's been a while since I got this, but peep this fabulous sketch commission by @moobuttt on Twitter! I am really, *really* loving this one, especially that arm pose I love so much~
Between that and the fantastic expression on her face, I'm really happy with his depiction of Vivi~🐰💜

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Okay so, excuse my shitty camera work, but look at this shit! Rheoscopic fluid is a lil passion of mine tbh, I'm so excited, I'm hyping back up for this stuff since I found out about powdered food coloring~
Also! If anyone knows where to get cute glass bottles, not super tiny, but smaller than that 6.5" sauce bottle I used, and with screw-on lids (especially metal), hmu!!

Just finished a sketch headshot for @pghfur on Twitter! Thanks so much for commissioning me, it was refreshing to draw someone else's character again~💜
If anyone else is interested, please check out my commiss.io! It's my convenient lil commissions hub, and I'd appreciate if you dropped by~

These are gonna be useful for a multitude of looks tbh~

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Two set-in-stone facts about her though:
1.) She super trans
2.) Those feathers are sharp as hell and she extremely uses them to kill cops

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