Any sock longer than quarter length is for fetish purposes

I will not be taking questions cause you all know I'm right

This may also apply to ankle socks more research is needed

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Are ankle socks kinky?

Some of you are scared of how sexually fulfilled you can be and that's reasonable tbh

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@aradinfinity wait you don't like ankle socks??

They make shoes cuter tho

@aradinfinity I assumed they couldn't be kinky bc they were so ignorable and harmless

If they're hated well, that's kink territory

they never go over my ankles, but the shoes do, so they just make my ankles sore and chafed. too unpleasant to wear

@aradinfinity this sounds like you have the wrong size sock TBH

Tho I'll acknowledge it's hard to find good and well sized ankle socks, and if your shoes are old they don't make a good combo

i mean, i've only ever seen socks as a one size fits none thing outside of specialist websites, and if i'm going to a specialist site for socks i'm gonna get thigh highs

ofc i also love wearing long sleeves b/c my skin is sensitive enough that i can always feel them on me and it makes me feel safe, so that could be part of it

@aradinfinity sock sizes are absolutely a thing in like, most shoe stores and on sites like Amazon tho 👀

@yeenbean ankle and quarter socks are the only ones we can actually handle stim-wise for more than a few hours so

@yeenbean I'm confused about what ankle socks are, like are they the really short ones that always fall off or the ones that go up above the ankles and actually feel good to wear

@RadiantEmber @yeenbean see, ember gets it

they're the ones that come up just above the ankles

@starfall @yeenbean yeah those are the only ones I find comfy! So for me it's not a kinky thing it's an autistic thing

@RadiantEmber they should go just above the ankle and not fall off / not visible when you have a shoe on

They shouldn't fall but many do bc they're badly made

@yeenbean ah okay I see, I hate those kind of socks lol

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