media and corporations love 2 be like "we love queer people now :)" and yet fail to have explicit representation for anything other than cis gays and the general concept of "queerness"

what i mean to say is, no one wants to be seen supporting trans people because we're still too "controversial" and "confusing"

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like i'm not saying i expected anything else, i just think it's kinda funny how corporations/media are trying to make out that they're like, on the vanguard of queer support and are Risking Their Reputation To Advocate For Such A Controversial Demographic when theyre not doing that at all despite there literally still being a """controversial demographic""" they could actually risk their reputation supporting

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corps: Queer People™ are so amazing :') theyve given up so much :') i know people might hate us for saying this but,, *holds up picture of two cis lesbian women holding hands* we think this is OKAY!!!
trans people: an increasingly extremist right wing continues 2 threaten our safety from within the government and outside, meanwhile terfism is gaining popularity among "leftists" so we're genuinely at a point where suppo--
corps: ANYWAY love is love :') sometimes boys like boys ! deal with it !!

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nobody wants to risk explicitly excluding trans people from their support but they want to risk explicitly excluding transphobes even less

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@myconidiosyncrasy I had a woman crying about this as she kicked me out of a dance party for "women and trans" on my birthday bc a cis woman said I was a man

@myconidiosyncrasy I'm still a little angry about it, I think that was the last time I went out dancing & it was 3 or 4 years ago now?

@yeenbean cis women do love to get brownie points for including trans women until they realize that means including trans women who are not conventionally feminine, conventionally attractive, white and/or demure and amicable.

@myconidiosyncrasy I should clarify that the vibe I got was they meant cis women & "trans men we misgender behind their backs" bc there were a lot of even bearded trans men there not getting harassed or asked to leave

I encountered a few spaces like that where the intention is AFAB but it's run by cis folks who don't have the language to say that with maybe the input of one trans friend who knows better but that's the extent of their influence

@yeenbean oh cool!!!! so it was fucking worse than i had even imagined

@yeenbean do remember who they are or where they live do u wanna come graffiti their homes with me

@myconidiosyncrasy if I pushed myself I could probably remember the party name but I'm 99% sure it stopped existing a couple years ago

Events don't really last more than a year in Portland before leadership fatigue or umm, in at least one case stealing charitable funds and fucking off to Canada

@yeenbean every time anyone talks to me even a little bit about portland i discover it was more cursed than i could possibly have imagined previously and yet it just keeps happening


@myconidiosyncrasy there's extremely not an upper limit on that I'm afraid :/

@myconidiosyncrasy I honestly think it's miraculous I haven't gotten swept into any Portland masto conflicts in over a year, like to me that was unthinkable until it happened

It's weird to me that all the WA queers just seem to be chill with each other and stuff

@yeenbean i was gonna say "we're too stressed about cost of living to get into any fights with each other" but then i remembered portland's like that too

@myconidiosyncrasy lolololol 😭😭😭

Our apartments might still be a couple hundred a month cheaper than yours?

But mostly it's under the table house rentals that fall apart kinda spontaneously after years of being seemingly stable communities

@yeenbean there is literally no doubt in my mind. the very existence of portland calls into question my lack of belief in hell actually

@myconidiosyncrasy honestly reasonable

Have you been here or only heard the legends?







@yeenbean rich tech company: lets fire this person for coming out as trans. it's an at will state meaning the burden of proof of discrimination is on them and we pay them 50k which isn't really enough to be able to afford legal fees for that
voodoo doughnuts for some mind blowing reason: oh noooo we can't fire this person for being a Literal Nazi :( they could use their $10/per hour to sue us :( :(

@myconidiosyncrasy tbf it's also a white owned restaurant that uses voodoo iconography to sell donuts to white people so it's not exactly unexpected

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