media and corporations love 2 be like "we love queer people now :)" and yet fail to have explicit representation for anything other than cis gays and the general concept of "queerness"

what i mean to say is, no one wants to be seen supporting trans people because we're still too "controversial" and "confusing"

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like i'm not saying i expected anything else, i just think it's kinda funny how corporations/media are trying to make out that they're like, on the vanguard of queer support and are Risking Their Reputation To Advocate For Such A Controversial Demographic when theyre not doing that at all despite there literally still being a """controversial demographic""" they could actually risk their reputation supporting

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corps: Queer People™ are so amazing :') theyve given up so much :') i know people might hate us for saying this but,, *holds up picture of two cis lesbian women holding hands* we think this is OKAY!!!
trans people: an increasingly extremist right wing continues 2 threaten our safety from within the government and outside, meanwhile terfism is gaining popularity among "leftists" so we're genuinely at a point where suppo--
corps: ANYWAY love is love :') sometimes boys like boys ! deal with it !!

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nobody wants to risk explicitly excluding trans people from their support but they want to risk explicitly excluding transphobes even less

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@myconidiosyncrasy I had a woman crying about this as she kicked me out of a dance party for "women and trans" on my birthday bc a cis woman said I was a man

@myconidiosyncrasy I'm still a little angry about it, I think that was the last time I went out dancing & it was 3 or 4 years ago now?

@yeenbean cis women do love to get brownie points for including trans women until they realize that means including trans women who are not conventionally feminine, conventionally attractive, white and/or demure and amicable.

@yeenbean also you say "still a little angry about it" as tho that's like??? unreasonable or maybe u should have moved on by now when like??? at least 3 different completely fucked up horrible things happened here


@myconidiosyncrasy oh mostly bc much worse things have happened to me since bc trans girl and I haven't wanted to go dancing in a while so I don't think about it much 👀💦💦

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