saying "bi women can talk about their attraction to men everywhere else no one wants to hear about it in queer spaces" effectively excludes bi women from queer spaces. that's biphobic.

@gentlerdarknesses the idea that polysexual attraction to one or another gender is the same as monosexual attraction to one or another gender is so frustrating to me

Like, we all understand that gay men don't experience attraction to men exactly the same as straight women do: social context makes those categories extraordinarily different, before you even factor in how attraction varies from person to person and experience to experience

Bi folks are queer. Period.

@gentlerdarknesses this is before we even get started on this weird anachronistic recontexualization of lesbians as only being women who are attracted exclusively to women as if the term wasn't coined on the basis of a bi woman and many lesbian activists haven't been bi or otherwise polysexual SMH



Oh you're a lesbian? Like the infamous Sappho of Lesbos?


The infamously woman-attracted bisexual poet?


Good to know you're lesbian and not bi then :')


@yeenbean @gentlerdarknesses wait, sappho was bi? :blobcatsurprised:​ woah

good for her! but for some reason i thought she wasn't? :blobcatthinking:

@00dani @gentlerdarknesses I mean, there's obviously room to guess but her poems were to both men and women

CW: transmissic wording in intro

@00dani @gentlerdarknesses but yeah my feeling is if we're willing to see her as a lesbian based on these poems and comments made about her centuries later the poems about attraction to men & stories written about her by historians around those same time periods should count too

But we don't REALLY know

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