Vulcans: Vulcan ethics is complicated
Also Vulcans: *act like any 13 year old after reading Marcus Aurelius the first time*

@yeenbean Vulcans deserved much better writers than they got. Either to highlight that they are actually not as logical and superior as they claim or to make them actually logical and superior.

DS9 minor spoilers 

@vector I'd be fine with completely logical and this is why it's not superior

@vector @yeenbean They're that brand of logic where you decide that you already know what the answer is and dismiss any dissent, and it's difficult to tell if the writers were trying to lampoon that idea or adhere to it.

@Griff @vector it would have been cool to have Vulcans interact with each other more as crew mates to see if they stuck by that

There's very few times that actually happens in any of the series save ENT and I feel like everytime it did happen was interesting

Vulcans: <pseudological (but mostly smug) babble>
Humans: That sure is logical
me: I hate when they write Vulcans at all. Just let them be smug and aloof, that works for cats doesn't it?

@violet Vulcans, as space elves, should have kitty personalities yes


Tuvok, after hacking open the door to Kes's quarters: It's time for our daily meditative belly rub session, Kes. The candle is already lit.

Kes follows Tuvok to his quarters, and he closes the door on her face. She knocks and the only response she gets is yowling


*Sarek materializes into the transporter room*
Spock: Hsssssss!
Sarek: MROW


Pan in on T'Pol giving neuropressure session to Trip

Trip: Anyway, that's why I'm so sad about my sister
T'Pol: I see. Continue
Trip: She ju--- *T'Pol bites his shoulder drawing blood*
Trip: Now why the heck did you do that?
T'Pol: Please commander; you need to sit still or these sessions will not be effective.

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