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Intro; Selfies; EC 

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Gushy Microfiction 1 

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Nip Em All 1989
I am trash yeen
410,757,864,530 Dad Jokes

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Hello my name is Deme and I want everyone on Masto to see how cute my polycule is and make >3< face

Transmisogyny Meme; Food 

Vegan Food 

Work/Apartment Hunt terribleness 

That feel when you spend an enormous amount of time prepping a presentation you're excited to give only to lose your voice the day of .-.

Guess my coworkers will have to wait another week or so to see all of these queer puns on books they never heard of SMH u_u

Nobody has ever been nice* to me in my life

*Brought me a giant, soft pretzel

URGENT PDX housing request, boosts appreciated!! 

Millennial gentiles reading this like

Omg I never realized she was Jewish

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I like this movie so far but their chemistry isn't quite what I was hoping for...

And I can't tell if that's leading to something or they just don't have amazing chemistry?

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Being a gently aged Jewish queer feels like just waiting for the right time to sneak Bette Midler or Babs into a conversation

I may be feeling sick and that's terrible least it gives me a good excuse to watch Robert Redford and Jane Fonda be cute together 👀

Pandemic Meme 

What nobody understands is Streets of Rage Shiva the fourth is really hot actually

I wanna go to the store, but my head hurts and I don't wanna make it worse bc I have plans this afternoon

... But the thing I want to get at the store is my migraine med

Dilemma 🤔

In the new She-Ra the princesses form a global council and at least Bright Moon makes major decisions via council as well so it's like

This isn't an ideal system but it sure is better than Hordak or Horde Prime

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Okay so I'm just gonna put it out there

Skeletor has a cooler design
And a badass baphomet staff
And cooler powers overall

He-Man is protecting a monarchy
Skeletor leads a different kingdom

...why are we supposed to root for one over the other?

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Was...the transformation sequence always so blatantly magical girl & flirty?

Like it zooms in on his butt but his body is an outline filled with dancing light and then a loin cloth appears

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I don't really understand why...if He-Man is also Prince of the kingdom he protects, he needs to keep his identity secret...?

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