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Deme Alts 

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Nip Em All 1989
I am trash yeen
410,757,864,530 Dad Jokes

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Hello my name is Deme and I want everyone on Masto to see how cute my polycule is and make >3< face

@yeenbean has now convinced me that Willy Wonka is satan and he's leading dead children through the different levels of hell, leaving each one where they belong.

@yeenbean A yeen like that is mean at the very core.

this man needs to share his candy.

Today I made a pun that made my whole polycule chat go from actively talking to quiet

My sad destiny is to one day make a pun so good they all break up with me at once 😔

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I just realized my friend's ex is basically Sabul from the Dispossessed and I do not know if I should tell them or keep this information inside

Socialist Teeth; Maws; EC 

re: Socialist Teeth; Maws; EC (vore!) 

Socialist Teeth; Maws; EC 

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