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Intro; Selfies; EC 

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Gushy Microfiction 1 

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Nip Em All 1989
I am trash yeen
410,757,864,530 Dad Jokes

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Hello my name is Deme and I want everyone on Masto to see how cute my polycule is and make >3< face

I dunno what to watch now that I finished Killing Eve tho

re: Union stuff, non problem 

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Union stuff, non problem 

Killing Eve s3 

Dumpling Poll 

Killing Eve s3 spoilers & keysmash 

Do you think I'd make a good assassin? :yeenthink:

A friend of mine is a Navajo trans woman who's trying to help her 100 year old grandfather afford a hearing aid so he can talk with his family again – boosts & shares good, every little bit helps 🙏💕 #TransCrowdfund #Crowdfund

Do you think I'd make a good assassin? :yeenthink:

International drink from hyena weird cup shape ears day

Hey guys!!

So, I've gone through my clothes recently and found that i actually have very little that fits

i want to raise $200 to get myself new clothes!! So i'm opening some discount commissions!!

Examples and Regular prices here:

please take 25% off the regular price, that is the price you will pay for your art!!

Full Bodies: $37.50

Icons: $26

Ref Sheets: $150

Anything not listed here is still available at a discount!!

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