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Nip Em All 1989
I am trash yeen
410,757,864,530 Dad Jokes

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Deme Alts 

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Hello my name is Deme and I want everyone on Masto to see how cute my polycule is and make >3< face

roses are red
violets are blue
i'd come up with a rhyme
but i'm really tired


chess but the knights can explode removing all pieces in a 2 square radius

Is Pellets Guy a Stand User?

Do you ever just suddenly and forcibly get an entire Tom Rubnitz video stuck in your head

Disability/Neurodivergency Sincere Toot 

Disability/Neurodivergency Sincere Toot 

Disability/Neurodivergency Sincere Toot 

Food 🌮 

I'm stealing this, mufos only please!

Reply and I’ll tell you—
First impression:
Some memory I have of you (when applicable, sorry!):
Closeness, *not* as a number:
Do I like you:
You are my:
Ever had a crush on you:
Assumed cuddle position:

LDRs are a fix for "wildly different sleep cycles" in relationships

I always forget it's 3 hours ahead where Ari lives bc we generally wake up around the same time and go to sleep around the same time when we're in our respective time zones 👀 💦

Alterous attraction is a fuck

but somehow also really nice?


Hormones, Work, Musing 

Animal parts 


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