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[1.Ch.] Seeking PoC, Women/NBs, LGBTQ Senior SDEs/SREs :boost_requested: 

Hey, folks! My company is still actively hiring for senior SDEs and SREs! If you're good to work in a Go/JS/k8s/AWS environment, DM me and I'll send you my work email address.


please don't buy stuff from sellers on Etsy and wherever that make puzzle piece #autism stuff. It really pisses me off. We're whole fucking people, and no we don't need to "crush" autism or "fight" autism or "cure" autism. We are people!

Fucking neurotypicals have no goddamn resiliency.

#actuallyAutistic #neurodiversity

I am a:
⚪️ Boy
⚪️ Girl
🔘 🎶three decker sauerkraut and toadstool sandwich...with arsenic sauce🎶

*looking at an illustration of fighting game hitboxes* you mean it's all just rectangles?

astronaut with gun: always has been

I've always wanted to make a video game and maybe my destiny was to make the spiritual successor to sim ants

My gender is shapeshifting monster girl. Is that a type of nonbinary? idk, but happy nonbinary day anyway. Celebrate your nonbinary self and/or friends. I :blobhearttranscat: all of you.

Other ants can shoot acid at their enemies and others even blow themselves up as a last defense to protect the colony like a god damn Predator( Yautja for the nerds like me). How can you not be fascinated by these creatures. There's so much to say about them. Their form of communication and the way they quickly organize is incredible. Sometimes I wish I was an ant. I should make an ant sona or something.

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Ants have security checkpoints at the entries of their nests. Each colony has a specific "smell", so they position soldier ants at entry points and check if you have the right smell.

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There are ants that have door heads. That's what they are: doors! They block holes to the hive. They're door ants. DOOR ANTS

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Why is "if you keep replacing your body parts for mechanical ones, at which point do you stop being human" such a common theme

Who cares. This does not have any ethical or philosophical ramifications. If you're still a person you have the same rights and obligations, no matter if you're human or not

"Oh!" said the robot, "I have misunderstood. I assumed 'non-binary' referred to all people with biological brains."
"Not quite as many as that," xe said with a smile, "but more than many think."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Selfie, ec, happy nonbinary day! 

It's me, your favourite nonbinary wolf pal here to wish all my enby friends a happy us day!

It seems to be "re-draft toot just as someone boosts it" day for me. Its happened to me twice already.

instance block rec, child porn ment 

Hey, uh, Has a lolicon bot. block them if you haven't already.


bot generated post 

I want the full crypt experience. I want to attract [Them] but uhm...I like Linux


cackling because the twitter account of the cishet group that wanted to run a pride march here (it quickly collapsed bc of current events, but also bc none of them had any idea what a pride event was, how to run one or even what "non-binary" meant) is being followed by a herd of gross sex bots, and they have no idea how to deal with this

Call the toll free number for a free gender slaying consultation

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