Canceled my account so its official: this is my new setup. self-hosted and in my control.

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Articles on Quill don’t seem to have the ability to syndicate to twitter and mastodo, so I might end up using micropublish.

Bit frustrating to figure this all out, but also kind of fun to be honest.

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So I can successfully use micropub and indie web stuff to post simultaneously to my blog and to twitter. But how about Mastodon?

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gay chapbook cover, single eye ec 

Big new sona reveal, furry art, ec 

Furry art, ec 

So there's a hex map tool and a tileset in the bundle and both are available for commercial use. 👀

scifi anthro art, kin stuff, not sure if ec 

Anthro sci-fi art, ec 

Who says eldritch abominations can't be cute?

Bootlickers, that's who.

furry art, ec, ancom iconography 

ec, furry art, animal crossing 

kin update (yes, again), furry art, not sure if ec 

kin update, furry art, ec 

furry art, ec 

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