Creepy-cute anthro art, ec without actual eyes 

So of course after I make the decision to embrace shapeshifting I couldn't sleep and ended up working on a more monstrous form just because. Skull monster Xandra! rar?

New Sona minor design update 

I added eye markings cause I felt like it.

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New Sona, this time with backstory! 

So I'm a dino again. But not just any dino: a space dino!

In a distant starsystem, on a planet much like Earth in prehistoric times, there live a race of sentient raptors who have recently learned that they were transplanted from an unknown planet by an ancient space-faring race of aliens. They have begun searching the galaxy for clues to their origins.

Might write this as a longer story, but its a coll backstory in any case.

Furry ref, ec 

Updated my design.More traditional dragon, but with ears and without horns.

picrew, 8bit, ec 

Possible alrernate form/design inspired by a picrew.

suggestive furry art, ec 

I was playing around with my icon bases and this happened.

Canceled my account so its official: this is my new setup. self-hosted and in my control.

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Articles on Quill don’t seem to have the ability to syndicate to twitter and mastodo, so I might end up using micropublish.

Bit frustrating to figure this all out, but also kind of fun to be honest.

Also on:

* Twitter

So I can successfully use micropub and indie web stuff to post simultaneously to my blog and to twitter. But how about Mastodon?

Also on:

* Twitter icon

gay chapbook cover, single eye ec 

I came up with the idea for a chapbook of LGBTQIA+ Kaiju themed chapbook of flash fiction anyway this happened.

Big new sona reveal, furry art, ec 

i bought a huge pack of bases and have been going at them all day. Th result is a new sona that I have put way too much effort into not to make it my primary form.

All of these were created from bases in this pack:

Furry art, ec 

> sudo apt_get install blep
> blep

Base by @ariverofstars on twitter.

So there's a hex map tool and a tileset in the bundle and both are available for commercial use. 👀

scifi anthro art, kin stuff, not sure if ec 

The MK IV Cyberfox is the latest in our line of anthropomorphic AI companions. With a sophisticated quantum AI core, a long lasting battery, realistic synthetic fur and wireless charging capability, the MK IV can help you with all your daily tasks, keep you organized and up to date, and give you cuddles afterward. Get yours today!

Yeah, I couldn't resist taking a stab at robo-fox. I like how the design turned out!

Anthro sci-fi art, ec 

Goddammit I found another free base and now I have a Synth form.

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