@xandra i think the lack of existing tooling for Doing Indieweb Things is a problem too? i started rolling my own indieweb site a few years back and ended up getting burnt out because there's so much you need to do to make micropub work properly, and then there's webmentions and webpush and indieauth and so on and so forth

being able to drop in one django plugin or express package or whatever to get working micropub would've been a game changer

@xandra and yes i'm aware there's known and a wordpress plugin that both implement various indieweb stuff but

php is the worst
trying to develop my own stuff on top of that would also be the worst

incidentally why does the actual micropub spec have php-specific bullshit like appending [] to the name of a parameter if it has multiple values. i hate it

@00dani Speaking as someone using the wordpress plugin, even that takes a while to work. There's really only one theme that works perfectly and its not great.

The community part is something that’s still being worked on. We get through it by having something akin to planets that people can follow (try subscribing to stream.indieweb.org/ for example! check out indieweb.xyz!) but there’s definitely more that can be done. What kind of ideas do you have in mind?

I personally want to work towards having me define my community on my site (internally, of course) and let my tooling for subscribing to people adapt that… v2.jacky.wtf/post/064d6695-d43

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