If you ask me, we should remove any reference to intelligence from RPGs. And I've actually thought of how to do this a bit, using the standard dnd set.

Instead of INT, WIS, and CHA, just have two "mental" stats: Focus and Influence (FOC and INF). Focus is your ability to memorize and recall information, as well as your ability to concentrate. Influence is your ability to persuade, blug, beguile and intimidate.

Then have ALL stats be things you can work on increasing every level.

@xandra This is cool. I’ve seen a “Logic and Intuition” split work well, but I think Focus is a more practical way of phrasing that...

@perfectblue @xandra Hmmm... Maybe a Logic/Intuition/Focus split? Because "Wisdom" as an innate character trait has always bothered me from at least a redundancy standpoint - wisdom isn't innate, it's accumulated as one ages, and most TTRPGs already track accumulated knowledge with this little thing called "character advancement mechanics" to begin with - and swapping "Wisdom" for "Focus" more readily embraces neurodivergent character designs.

@LexYeen @perfectblue That's not a bad split for a three way system. But honestly i think six character traits is more than is generally necessary.

Consitution, for example, is almost never rolled as anything other than a saving throw or used to calculate hitpoints, so my thinking has been why not have a four way system where hp is based on the average of str and dex and mp/spell slots on the average of foc and inf?

@LexYeen @perfectblue That way your base in either of those areas could increase as you increase your abilities with the base stats.

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