Might rebrand as a fairy dragon who uses a magical-girl type transformation to grow to kaiju size and battle evil because holy crap sailor moon meets Godzilla aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Actually, I think being able to choose to be big would take the fun out of being big all the time.

But I am thinking it would be an interesting story idea.

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possible spoof side story: local energy company comes knocking, "hey, could you do that dance in front of this big hunkin' wall of solar panels next time? we'll cut you a 10% rate on it. thanks."

@dhivael I love that I'm already inspiring odd side spoof plots.


to be fair though, SMBC has done that specific story for superman a long time ago :D

@xandra yeah i considered this a while back but so much of the fun of macro stuff is how inconvenient doing normal things becomes and if you can just turn that off, you would...

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