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Important note about my indieweb setup:

Any reply you send a blog post I syndicate on mastodon can become a comment on my blog. I'm not sure this respects mastodon's post privacy by default, which is a major issue.

If you'd like to be left out of this, let me know and I can block you permanently from my comments. Otherwise, I will be approving public an unlisted comments and *not* approving DMS and followers-only stuff.

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Kaiju FAQ 

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Big new sona reveal, furry art, ec 

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Boundary Post, Read Before Attemtpting to Flirt 

on racism and human nature 

I got all these idea for sci-fi versions of dragon tropes. Dragons having a psychic connection to their hordes. Plasma breath instead of firebreath. Gas chambers in their chest cavities to help them fly.

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Just like, a spacefaring species of dragons star-trek style.

And now that I can't get it out of my head I'm wondering if it might even override the Kaiju canon for my sona.

Definitely its gonna be the evolved premise for the gamebook.

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This popped into my head today and I can’t get it out.

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women want me. fish fear me. fish women? call me

You ever get halfway through writing a plot and your brain asks you “but what if it was star trek?”

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its cool to not believe in a religion but trying to force that on other people because you believe nonreligiosity is culturally advanced and superior is a form of cultural genocide and a colonizer mentality homie

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I seem to have set the unfortunate precedent with my indieweb posts that I’m some kind of developer/power user who goes to conferences and stuff. In truth I just like to fart around with wordpress and things. I’m at best a hobbyist.

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medical debt and a gofundme for a broke queer indigenous writer 

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Writing Opportunity, BIPOC 

you know I'm starting to think that this outer world game may not actually be about somewhere in space.

Is it just me, or do USAmericans *in particular* have fairly severe, disproportionate responses to people pointing out that their country isn't the centre of the universe?

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