i don't even like whacking off that much.. i just do it out of respect for our troops, who have to whack off so that they don't want to have sex with isis

so i've been playing a lot of after having tried it several times before and bouncing the fuck off but this time i'm like, starting to get it. and i like it a lot!! but this game desperately needs some accessibility features. something like celeste's assisted mode would be a GODSEND for fake gamer girls like me who can't do the video james good

We made bigger profits this quarter than we ever have before, and we couldn’t have done it without all the hard work from you, our loyal employees! You are the backbone of our company’s success, and we are deeply grateful.

So, I’m pleased to announce that you’re all fired

country roads
letsa go
it'sa me

This #SmallBuisinessSaturday, support The Curator. The Curator will come to your home and look at your collection. If he likes any of the items, he will buy them from you. If not, he’ll give you 50 dollars just for stopping by. Remember: he’s The Curator

tired: I'm a billionaire running for public office
wired: I'm a billionaire running for my life

<<what's an interesting fact about you?>>
<<I like to become weirdly obsessed with media for a few months at a time and consume everything about it n then afterwards it's dead to me>>

jk rowling announces that the wizards could stop global warming but choose not to

woaaahhh you have a gender lmao aaah so fuckin COOL

absolutely in awe of people workshopping their jokes on the timeline instead of just making an unfunny post, tabbing out and having a wank like the rest of us

trauma mention, plural stuff, probably too personal but who gives a fuck 

I want a guillotine emoji

I didn't want to be that person who uses a guillotine but also... the personal need for one has increased

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