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So I've never been one for watching TV shows or movies much, and it's still a struggle sometimes to convince myself to just sit down and watch a thing, but I've begun watching Horror movies!

I figured it might be nice to discuss them as I get through them.

i think if is going to continue to exist, i need to migrate to a new VM to reduce costs. this will require downtime. i might try to do this on thursday or friday this week

i'm hoping it won't take more than a few hours as i will pre-prep the new vm and i can do a test restore with snapshots prior to going live

this will allow me to cut the allocated VM resources as we are over-provisioned atm

as a reminder, takes donations and support at

Wait I think I do have two, but one I think is an egg and just haven't brought it up because that's rude and the other is extremely gay.

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Me at work: "Yeah, I don't have any cis friends anymore."
Coworker, worried look, clearly upset about something, but says nothing.
Me: "Whoa, hang on. I believe you misheard me. I think you just heard me say 'I'm not willing to be friends with cis people,' when what I said was, 'I don't have any cis friends anymore.' They are now all trans."

check it out I drew something lewd 


Maybe not my happiest inking work, but I'll take it.

2 weeks until I definitely can actually sit down and do real work, but hey, at least I'm able to draw again :3

shitposting using USmil slides 

Every day be like--

I, too, do not want to be seen, acquired, hit, penetrated, or killed.

I had an idea for a moth on a skull where the eye markings on the moths wings overlap with the eyes of the skull. It started to evolve into it's own sort of creature design as I went.


Positive feedback from manager. Fuck, was that so hard?

Ooo just got messaged for a test position! Gimme that good hands on shit.

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Holy shit. I turned on "let recruiters see I'm open for work" in LinkedIn and I am being *hunted.*

Fuck yeah.

gaming in the 90s and reviewers 

I might be biased, also, because the guy really likes dogs. >_>

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gaming in the 90s and reviewers 

Fuck it's kinda depressing that in
E3L4 he has to point out that blowing up an abortion clinic is bad.

Also that Duke 3D thought an abortion clinic would be funny.

*sigh* Well, good for you boy who saw the ankle-height bar and stepped over it. I do actually like your channel and will continue binging it because this is still like my favorite era of shooters.

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gaming in the 90s and reviewers 

It's kinda shameful that gamers are such that one guy thinking that you should treat women as people is seen as impressive.

Also he goes out of his way in his plays to do, you know, good things. Like if you've ever played Duke 3D you know you can't actually save any of the captured women, and the only incentivized interaction is to not kill them because it summons more enemies. But some levels are designed such that this is almost impossible. He tries anyway.

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gaming in the 90s and reviewers 

It says something that I am damn impressed that a YouTube reviewer that mainly focuses on 90s PC games (mostly Doom and Build engine games) and is a cis/het white guy that has a routine of being some salty basement dweller manages to NOT TRIP on the extremely low bar of recognizing the way women are portrayed in Duke is bad, that Shadow Warrior is extremely racist, and so on while still maintaining that persona organically.

museums and colonialism 

The Native Voices exhibit was beautiful and painful. And just...I don't know. I don't know what part I can play and I want to do something. Fuck, empire has destroyed so, so much.

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museums and colonialism 

The Field Museum has a new exhibit largely put together by indigenous people and to serve as a voice of what they go through, what the world is like through their eyes. And a lot of it was kind of a direct challenge to the permanent exhibit immediately before it about indigenous peoples of the PNW and arctic. There are more holes in the latter one compared to the last time I was here. And a notice up that makes me question if any of it should be there.

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