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@werefox @PsyChuan sorry to burst the funny bubble but this one was edited. the real broadcast interrupted the song then cut to god save the queen, suspending the station for the rest of the evening

sugma tits

what do you mean "you're supposed to wait until someone asks what sugma means"

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I have now been informed by multiple folks that my gitea link(s) on my info site aren't linking properly and I will fix that typo as soon as executive dysfunction lets me.

The cool thing about labor day is that I don't have to work.

I mean, I'm unemployed and looking for a job, but that's beside the point here

⚠️ ongoing job search (please boost) 

Still on the lookout for job opportunities! If you've got any leads please hit me up. Comp. Sci. major with a year and a half experience in automated software testing. Based in MN. Familiar with agile dev, git based version control, full-stack web dev, and basic network and service management. More info on my site and available upon request.

Thanks so much for all the help, visibility or otherwise. It really does mean a lot. :aliceheartblack:

If you're gonna follow me for the kiwifarms PSAs please understand that I'm not posting any more than just "hey this happened be careful." There are better accounts out there for tracking this stuff, and I'm definitely not eager to get on some asshat's target list.

⚠️PSA kiwifarms 

Making a new one for updated info.

Kiwifarms, a notorious forum for harboring right wing extremists behind the guise of anonymity, has been blocked by their provider Cloudflare. While this is a temporary win against queer hate (among other things), be advised that they will likely find a workaround one way or another. Expect more activity on fedi, enable follow requests if you haven't, disable DMs from non-followers, report offenders. I've already gotten replies confirming this.

⚠️ PSA Kiwifarms going down 

Bump because yeah it may have actually happened.

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⚠️ PSA Kiwifarms going down 

If indeed kiwifarms is going to be down for good, please understand that y'all should expect a TON of new activity in the fediverse. We've seen it with other sites and this is no different. If you're an admin be prepared for adding new domain blocks, if you're a user do not shy away from reporting and please consider enabling follow requests and disable DMs from non-mutuals.

I know this feels like an overreaction, but better safe than sorry. πŸ–€

Fun and good names to call your Estradiol:
- femme mints
- titty skittles
- necessary medication
- girl juice

🌟Shield Cat's Demo OUT NOW

With 6 areas packed with collectibles, puzzles, and secrets, this action adventure game will keep you busy for a while! Can you find all the secrets? Download it for FREE on Steam and find out!

Steam URL


To any of my friends who are moving from the instance onto a new home: A very warm-hearted welcome to y'all. :aliceheartblack:

I hope you have found a new home that works for you.

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