Legally changing my middle name to spooky but just for the month of October as a bit

""Threatening"" folks with steppies as a Halloween bit

You know who you are out there

Constantly asking myself this month "how can I be more spooky?" but in like a hot way

Saying "ret 2 go" like Shantae in the hopes that I too will become a half-genie with fabulous hair.

Ngl kinda wanna clap cheeks with a femme specter if you know what I mean

Is it gay, hypothetically, to send cat pics to your friend and in doing so accidentally flash your tits

Hypothetically :alicesideeye:

Your timeline has been blessed by my content now pay me with virtual appreciation tokens

Damn haha whom else have a physical body they exist in the current reality with

domestic cat grooming, tips welcome! 

Just finished giving our cat a wipe down with our little cleansing wipes. The folks here and I are real concerned about her dandruff and fur buildup. We can usually take care of a decent amount of the fur clump with a good brushing, but the dandruff I know is really distressing her since it's getting hard for her to reach certain spots when she's self-cleaning. There's visible dandruff most of the time, and we don't wanna traumatize her by giving her a bath.

Wonder what it would be like to be colloquially known as "hot metamour" like what if everyone just called me that

They say a watched pot never boils but I'm an impatient lesbian

@Metaph I don't like thinking about that but I also applaud the reply

What if instead of injecting Estrogen we just drank femme potions that would be so cool like you know how the gaymers have g-fuel we could have e-fuel

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