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I now own, watch out, folks.

Also, definitely now accepting any/all fan art of coffeeshop barista Alice.

That's RIGHT f e l l a s
I'm a :sparkles_pink: that plays :loading:
vidDOE GAmes :uwu2:

DOnT' :ms_dont_at_me: atm me :alicecool:

I've acquired a mountain dew now all I need is some more doritos and a copy of mw2 and I'll be the hit gamer girl of the 2010s.

What if we wanted to hold hands in fortnite but God said "lol I'm not real"

I still constantly look down at my chest to check that "yes, I do actually have tits. They're obviously there."

This is also a combination "hey if you're trans-femme and interested or want possible motivation to start HRT please HMU."


wiped on keeper but I got pets and blew kissies it was a good team got two commends :aliceheartblack:

The only thing I enjoy about wearing these wired earbuds is that they come with a little clip for your shirt so you can hold the mic more steady and close to your maw and depending on the type of shirt I wear it definitely just runs right down the middle of my cleavage and I can just look down and go "damn" :alicecoolmlem: πŸ–€ β˜€οΈ

Local sleepy dergy princess doesn't wanna get up sorry I don't make the rules *flops back under her covers and playful pouts* :alicesleep:

this sounded like a relatable and interesting post at the time but reading it back in my head this is kinda just weird to post oh well

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sometimes when I sit down in shorts the ones I have are kinda a little big for my waist so I pull them up past my tummy so they're not getting all folded up.

Learned that we got a window neighbor that's also presenting femme and I would have attempted to wave at them if there wasn't a big trans pride flag on the window. We live in a society, unfortunately.

What's it going to take for me to be able to finish kingdom hearts today like damn I forgot it gets this difficult near the end. Also, related thought, but snagging Kiari's outfit irl in the later games would be so good tbh.

I keep wearing low cut tank tops because that's what I have right now and I expected more warm weather lmao but it's actually colder than I'd like so I keep putting on crop button ups over it and it means I get more of a tit window than a tit balcony if you catch my drift.


oh hey I logged into FFXIV an hour before reset whoops that doesn't happen too often these days. :alicemlem:

I suffer the eternal dilemma of ordering a bunch of stickers and not having enough places available to put them. Why can't I fit more stickers on the back of my phone this is bullshit

It's cool to have my emojis on here now tbh. :alicemlem: πŸ–€β˜€οΈ

Or maybe it's just that I like looking cute and doing cute things for folks.

Or both. πŸ–€

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Sometimes it feels like there's just something inherently queer about coffeeshops tbh. I couldn't pinpoint what it is, but yeah. Maybe that's why I like making espressos in an apron so much. >w>

I don't wanna get outta bed I'm sleepy dergy. Can't we just do today tomorrow? =w= πŸ–€β˜€οΈ

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