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Introductions post (boosts welcome tbh) 

Hi, hello, welcome, I'm gay and trans. :heart_trans: πŸ–€ β˜€οΈ

Okay, but seriously I'm Alice and I make jokes and post selfies on this account. Follow if you're just as much of a useless lesbian disaster as me, and consider checking out my Twitch channel sometime!

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I now own, watch out, folks.

Also, definitely now accepting any/all fan art of coffeeshop barista Alice.

Legally changing my middle name to spooky but just for the month of October as a bit

""Threatening"" folks with steppies as a Halloween bit

You know who you are out there

Constantly asking myself this month "how can I be more spooky?" but in like a hot way

Saying "ret 2 go" like Shantae in the hopes that I too will become a half-genie with fabulous hair.

Ngl kinda wanna clap cheeks with a femme specter if you know what I mean

Is it gay, hypothetically, to send cat pics to your friend and in doing so accidentally flash your tits

Hypothetically :alicesideeye:

Your timeline has been blessed by my content now pay me with virtual appreciation tokens

Damn haha whom else have a physical body they exist in the current reality with

domestic cat grooming, tips welcome! 

Just finished giving our cat a wipe down with our little cleansing wipes. The folks here and I are real concerned about her dandruff and fur buildup. We can usually take care of a decent amount of the fur clump with a good brushing, but the dandruff I know is really distressing her since it's getting hard for her to reach certain spots when she's self-cleaning. There's visible dandruff most of the time, and we don't wanna traumatize her by giving her a bath.

Wonder what it would be like to be colloquially known as "hot metamour" like what if everyone just called me that

They say a watched pot never boils but I'm an impatient lesbian

What if instead of injecting Estrogen we just drank femme potions that would be so cool like you know how the gaymers have g-fuel we could have e-fuel

I promise at some point I'll be known in fedi for more than just "the trans derg gal that moved from Texas and is looking for a job"

⚠️ ongoing job search (please boost) 

Still on the lookout for job opportunities! If you've got any leads please hit me up. Comp. Sci. major with a year and a half experience in automated software testing. Based in MN. Familiar with agile dev, git based version control, full-stack web dev, and basic network and service management. More info on my site and available upon request.

Thanks so much for all the help, visibility or otherwise. It really does mean a lot. :aliceheartblack:

minnesota remote jobs? boosts encouraged 

looking for full or part-time remote work, anyone hiring? i have a background in desktop support/workstation management (over a decade of experience) but my priorities are finding somewhere i feel accepted as a transwoman and whose values align with mine, and so im open minded as to the type of work

feel free to boost or DM. thank you! :-)

#GetFediHired #jobs

Money help request, car wreck, mental health -----, just... bad, :boost_requested: 

So uh. i was driving Long Distance and made a Mistake and smooshed my front end into the ass end of somebody else's car. They got a slightly bent in section.
i lost my AC compressor and the radiator fan literally can't spin... plus a bunch of cosmetic plastic.

i am over a thousand kilometers from home. Luckily, i have family in the area who are helping but... one of two things is gonna happen.
One, they deem the vehicle fixable, fix it.
Two, they total the vehicle.
If they deem the vehicle fixable, i am out a vehicle for a few weeks plus i will have to come all the way back out to pick up my car.
If they total it, i will have to deal with the bank... and trying to get a new car.

i am stressed to fuck and at the end of my rope and it's fraying pretty hard. Can anyone help please? Money will help offset some of the stress and make things a little easier to deal with.

Paypal: [email protected]
Venmo: @K-Schmocker
Cashapp: $LindsaySchm

Thank you to everyone who may donate and to those who boost.

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