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Like the $200 (fashion) boots out there are still poorly made, just with leather, so even if I found a pair with the aesthetic I like they'd fall apart in a year.

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You have no fucking idea how close I am to looking up used cobbling tools online and making my own fuckin' boots. Like, I'd pay a good chuck of change for the perfect pair of boots but no one even makes them.

vine tentacles 

New Split Check pages are on Slipshine and up on the patrons-only site!

Read the most recent pages over at @[email protected] or get started on Patreon ( ).

( #nsfw #mastoart #art #webcomics )

look at my newly revamped vrchat avatar!! @river @kylan and @toydragon all put work into it for me ;w;

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New CDC guidance on mask wearing 

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Commissions are open! Please see my commission page for prices and availability! Please also note that I mainly want to focus on sketch style and avatars in this batch, so if you commission a full color, it may take longer. Thank you!!

presidential fitness test? lemme test if i can fitness whole president in my mouth

I went to a painting party with some local gays and made this

the abuse is explicit, listener take caution

i need help moving out ASAP

if you live anywhere in michigan or the midwest and have a spare room and can allow 3 rabbits (in the room with me) i need the help

i need to get away from them

//they need me to get away from them//

if you would like to help me save to move into a weekly motel/housing, you can find those links here:

#crowdfunding #TransCrowdFund

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You: I wonder what she's smiling about

Me: *thinking about how Webs has a fat knot*
Me: :)

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