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transbian fox doodle, nsfw 

capitalists and narcissistic boomers, are no longer allowed to like johnny cash, willie nelson, or dolly parton

theres this awesome minecraft mod called various oddities which add these adorable KOBOLDS!!!
kobolds are friendly and form pretty little societies with guards
they live in the desert and love hot rock
they place torches around their little houses and omg the best part
they also lay and guard eggs using items and its so sweet

also its developed by a really nice autistic queer person, please go check it out! :0

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Furry art, sfw, fitness, GRS humour 

if you use a slang term for bird genitals is that a cloaquialism

FROM THE PATREON: honestly this was just an excuse to draw my fursona in a two-piece suit with her titty out. SO SUE ME. this whole MONTH has been about being annoyingly self-indulgent #nsfw

SUBSCRIBE TODAY to see art a month early, vote in polls, and more! It costs as little as a couple bucks a month and it REALLY helps out. <3 #nsfw

there are two wolves inside you. one is labelled "1", the other is labelled "3". chaos ensues

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post lockdown greater fantasy 

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buying both of these for my decker when I can so she can open her mouth and have hyperpop come blasting out

we made a forum for one of the shadowrun games I'm in and it's actually pretty fun to just roleplay out your character wasting time

*Sky Pilot Asensio on the left, Firion Rok on the right.

*Last we drew these two, Sky Pilot had different arms, and Firion was a good foot shorter.

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