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If you haven't received a flu shot yet please do so sooner rather than later, ASAP if you're going to MFF.

Every day people find ways to turn every meme into Allegory of the Cave and Iโ€™m not sure Iโ€™ll ever quite understand why

What you think hacking looks like vs. What hacking actually looks like

we will be having one more restart in a few minutes, should fix 99% of theming and bring back the Yiff button

sincerest apologies to anyone who shared that 3 minutes of stress with me where the instance timelines were blank. i had to restart the instance twice for the indexes to initialize

actually finding it pretty fun to make custom flower models for Minecraft

(Resourcepack used in the screenshots is Dokucraft TSC: )

the look of joy on a kobold's face when its dragon has accepted it as a pillow

this is nothing 

I grab a bag of Kings Hawaiian Rolls, cross out โ€œKingsโ€, and write โ€œPeopleโ€™sโ€ on it instead. The bass-boosted Soviet national anthem blares, shattering windows. Iโ€™m shaking hands with Lenin; Iโ€™ve won the House Cup.

I feel like I should add "your one-stop shop for frustrating shapes" to my resume, alongside "final boss of inking"

choose, but choose wisely - for one speaks only truths, and the other only lies :blob_cockatiel: ๐Ÿฐ

TF content 

I mean look at her. She's perfect for it. ^^

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2004: hundreds of boys queuing up to go play halo 2

2021: hundreds of those same girls queuing up to go play halo infinite

horizontally enhanced kobold (it has a big butt)

a doodle from last week to make lines on paper and clear my head

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