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@LilyVers something like

I want a girl with a mind like a mythril
I want a girl who knows just the cantrip
I want a girl with a cursed grimoire
And eyes that blaze bright black

i want a girl with a short cooldown and a loooooong spell list

pandemic self-care 

One of the greatest things Strong Bad has done for the English language is making it possible to turn any noun into a verb by adding " 'd " afterwards.

i don't think it's really fair that consumers get the blame for "disposability culture" or "throwaway culture" or whatever you want to call it when most stuff is made as cheaply as possible and absolutely *not* built to be easily repaired.

supervillainy but too real 

The only other thing I'm going to say about Cyberpunk 2077 is that I believe purchasing it misses the point and in the spirit of the genre it is our duty to pirate it if we plan on playing it

chastity kink 

I dont think I've posted my dragon sona since moving to this instance

so here u go :3

me derg sometimes :dragn_mlem:

OOPS, ALL REGICIDE. Today on Egg Plays we're kicking off Arkane Games's stealth-action classic Dishonored! Featuring special guest @[email protected] and like SO many dead guards, y'all have no IDEA. Stream starts in thirty (5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern) at ! #nsfw

Ashley is guided by her hungers.
Balina is guided by her greed.
Charlotte is guided by her anxieties.
Dahlia is guided by her vanity.

Fuck, I better not be midway into making the seven deadly fursonas.

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got the sample in for the QVP patch and OOOOOHHHH SHIIIIIIT it looks good. LOOK at that crisp bright color. LOOK at that sexy detailing. the PERFECT addition to any fabric-based clothing item or accessory. preorder now!

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making straight people have to choose 'other' and write it in is praxis

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