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*rereads while not in bed falling asleep*

A'ight, I could have worded that more accurately, but you get the point.

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As I went from lower paying jobs to higher paying ones, I've found that the chance of joining a company that enforces mandatory drug testing decreased.

I'm now wondering if mandatory drug testing exists simply to punish the poor, make getting out of poverty harder.

@falktx looks like it drew inspiration from this illustration, which was on the cover of tape op magazine in 2012.

Usually I use the spectrum eyes but on this one it needed the aqua ones.

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Promo: link to, gay erotica 

remember how every time an open source browser extension gets sold, the new owners immediately put in malware?

this post brought to you by audacityโ„ข๏ธ

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Look, I wish drawing NSFW furry art was as lucrative as the memes made it out to be. It *really* depends on the artist.

The Help Action, the internet's only D&D stream worth a damn, is starting in just 15 scant minutes at 7pm Pacific! Come and join us as we reach our current module's thrilling climax and start COUNTING DOWN... TO DANGER! (And to some sort of spooky scary spider person.) Still raising money for the Transgender Law Center, btw!

If your experience does not suit you, mod it. Mod your games, mod your OS, mod your hardware, mod yourself.

As long as you're not in a fair competition, cheat. Cheat if it's an unfair competition. Hack everything, level the playing field.

Remove unwanted mechanics, adjust difficulty, change your perceptions, change your experience. Online, in games, in meatspace. You are the final arbiter in what you experience.

Fuck anyone who claims this is wrong or cheapens an experience.

a co-op game that plays like Overcooked but instead of making food you're summoning a demon together

my internal metaphor for executive dysfunction has become that I operate on a Fucks Per Day system like a D&D Wizard has Spells Per Day

any task, regardless of magnitude, requires a minimum of one Fuck given, and once I am out of Fucks to give, then it doesn't matter how big or small the job is, I can't do it without spending against tomorrow's supply of Fucks

OKAY! I finished it!!!

it's her.

(Yes I went silly and did scanlines and funny hacker textscreen I HAD to)

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