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soooo chances are i am gonna have to pay completely out of pocket for top surgery and idk how we're gonna raise the money yet but i'm just gonna leave my shop link here in the meantime ty (i'll have a new acrylic pin coming in soon!!)

This was the back/front cover of the con book most attendees got at MFF 2018, with the dummy text left in. If memory serves, the final version elected not to use the back blurb.

Date idea: we're both vaccinated and get to exist within 6 feet of each other

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true friends are the people you remove the ?data= queries at the ends of your links for

What kind of lesbian are you?
Boost pls

Designs for hotel room cards were part of my contract when I was a Guest Of Honor at MFF 2018. Each partnered hotel got a different one of these, featuring Blackbird, Duran, and Hammock. I still have my own collection of all four around here somewhere...

Come for the canine TF, stay. Sit. Roll over. Good dog.

date idea: i stuff you in a tube and we're both bunnies and have a lot on our minds but our eyeliner is on point

Oh yeah! Time to listen to my favorite band *flips to p. 654 of the DMG*;

1 Heavy
2 Desert
3 Purple
4 Weed
5 Wizard
6 Road
7 Acid
8 Green

Plushies are not something you ever outgrow and will always be a valid source of comfort during sad times.

Also, if you're a fan of superpowered queer stories (and I'm assuming you are), my friend @Mous 's comic TRANSFORMED! is in its final campaign hours too! Go back this delightful graphic novel and help this project hit its goal!

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