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Drawing commissions at!

Orchid, you're mute, what are you going to do by getting in Rylefs's face??? Bite them??

Hey friends just that one Canadian brand having a completely normal one


joke about transphobia 

"There are only two sexes" yea, the bad sex (which is what you're having) and the good sex (which is what I'm having)

The doctor says youโ€™re healthy as a horse. Much healthier than you were as a human.


Claude Debussy, petulant thick-assed catboy, skulks onto the stage amidst a chorus of stifled giggles from the audience. he sits down at the piano and, for a moment, the nobles and fops can barely withhold their shrieks at seeing his plush, juicy, fuckable butthole outlined under his taut breeches, just beneath his little catboy tail. Debussy merely twitches an eyebrow, rests his hands to the keys, and starts playing the most beautiful song these fucks have ever heard in their sorry lives

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This year's KORPSCON website is live! Make sure to bookmark it for event announcements and to read this year's updated FAQ!

โœจ โœจ

what do you mean i'm supposed to wear clothes. what do you think this thing is

"On your KNEES boy. Did I just see you go off-trail? In a sensitive subalpine habitat home to dozens of threatened species? Yeah you'd BETTER be sorry. I'm gonna make you fill out this EDUCATIONAL WORKBOOK until you get each of the indigenous lichens preferred humidity AND host species correct."

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What's the longest you've used a single smart phone? (Boost for a broader data pool.)

TONIGHT!!! 6pm PT / 9pm ET! @itsnero , @Draekos , @[email protected] and I are art STREAMIN' and art SCREAMIN'. (note: there is a very, very low chance any actual screaming will happen. we will be chatting at a pleasant normal volume.) BE THERE!!!

nsfw stream link 

Going live now, but will be joining the multistream gang in about an hour~

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