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A piece for @starless !!! In which I was given the list of tags to an image and backwards engineered it from there. Came out EXACTLY like the original. Completely. Perfect recreation. I wanna get some tea and take a nap, actually

By popular demand this cursed design now comes in catgirl and foxgirl varieties.

You can actually buy one if you REALLY want to... They'll be up once the computers get them in the system and all that at

Hmph! Back in MY day we didnโ€™t HAVE horny TF games. Instead, we wandered around in nethack looking for a polymorph trap that would change our ascii symbol into another ascii symbol and BY GOD WE LIKED IT

Anyway here have this icon of @miss_mochi 's Astrid I did last night because I just fucking LOVE how it game out and is an energy I want more of in my life.

(Marked sensitive for nudity)

I decided this morning's warmup should be finishing that doodle of Rose, so I did. :blobfoxuwu:

An embarrassing amount of my plushes are from Ikea; there just isn't anywhere else to get good-sized stuffed animals for less than infinity dollars.

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Piloting a giant mech just to flirt with girls

This is not a place of epic win. What is here was cringe and fail to us.

lewd bulge pic, offer 

Don't read into this until I tell you to read into this but I'm looking into queer indie comic companies (or queer publishing companies that may be branching out into graphic novels) and am open to suggestions for ones that exist

[I would prefer you don't tag them if they're on Mastodon please, let me choose my time and place of first impression]

just a video of some strumming really 

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