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What do you mean, not wearing clothes is indecent exposure. I'll have you know my body is quite decent!

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Sex is great but have you ever taken off your bra after a long day of work

I know computers can be complicated but have you ever tried to figure out the chronological order of Kingdom Hearts games

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Anyone in the Vancouver area able to give a very dear friend of mine a couch to sleep on? I can't help because I'm in the Netherlands. Please help, I really worry about her, and she's a great person who deserves all the help she can get.

Please reply or DM me (with contact info, maybe Telegram?) so I can get you in touch with her. Please.

I wonder if it's a BPD thing to not be able to sleep because your mind won't shut the hell up with random thoughts, traumas, worries and suicidal feelings. Please mind, just let me sleep, we need to get up early for work tomorrow...

>Plays BotW again
>Tries to cook something with heat resistance
>Accidentally burns everything instead

...Yup that's my cooking alright

With the amount of holodeck malfunctions you'd think they'd disallow programs that could be dangerous when the safety malfunctions yet again.

Fuck, I'm running out of antidepressants on Wednesday. Not good.

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I like how, unlike on Twitter, I don't get consistently ignored on It's nice to have your existence acknowledged

How much would a cackle cackle if each cackler in the cackle could cackle?

Nothing stings more than to see some of the most manipulative, abusive and horrible transwomen I have met in my life grow up to pass perfectly. Why do shit people end up lucking out with looks so often. Fuck this world.

Girl life hack:
Become a lesbian so you can have a housewife so you don't have to cook

I had one of those amazing dreams again. An unreleased map of a game I've loved my whole life being on TV. I made sure to take photos. I got out of bed to draw the whole map. I made sure I'd have high quality images of it all so I could ask someone to recreate it in Blender.

Then I really woke up. Of course, pictures don't exist, drawing doesn't exist, all my material disappeared the moment I opened my eyes. And I can't draw, so all hope is lost.

Why can't we take photos in dreams to keep...

I dreamt of this community.

I dreamt I joined some other furry community on a forum, and someone posted some video of someone being bullied by his mother and brother and was laughing at it. I replied to the topic with "fuck bullying, this is awful" and got a 1 day ban for "making the OP want to post less", replied "well fuck you too" to the mod who banned me, who then raised the ban to 1 year.

Then I posted a toot here about what happened and got support and hugs from y'all <3

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