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folks have donated so much and so quickly that i can already afford a good laptop, thank you to everyone who helped, so so much<3

i'm pinning this so people are aware my goal was met with flying colors. please do not send any more money okay? help out other folks!

i am blown away and infinitely grateful for all the help from friends and kind strangers alike, and just, immensely happy :>

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sfw nudity, kobold girl 

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i'm just a kobold, my opinions don't matter that much, i just want my yips to bring joy to my friends

COWBOY DAN, WHILE FIRING HIS RIFLE IN THE SKY: God if i have to die you will have to die!!!
GOD: Who The Hell Is That
ANGEL: that's Cowboy Dan, sir. he's a major player in the cowboy scene
GOD: What

might try to be like the cool kids and move to

it's not like i have problems on yiff life, and i'm definitely keeping the account, but hey, dragon themed handle. also it never hurts to have an alt uwu

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fellas... is it gay to cherish? Because you're treating with affection and tenderness ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”

feelings, self-esteem 

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there is no female and male genitalia, genitals don't have genders, there are dicks and vulvas and that's that

u want some discourse?? well, i'm soft. i'm soft and a kobold. i have a soft lizard tummy. how's that for discourse

i hadn't checked my follow requests in like, almost a month oops sorry

chill beats to smooch your kobold to

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