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folks have donated so much and so quickly that i can already afford a good laptop, thank you to everyone who helped, so so much<3

i'm pinning this so people are aware my goal was met with flying colors. please do not send any more money okay? help out other folks!

i am blown away and infinitely grateful for all the help from friends and kind strangers alike, and just, immensely happy :>

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sfw nudity, kobold girl 

post shadowbringers spoilers 


ffxiv shadowbringers vague spoilers 

voice dysphoria (~+) 

I donated $200 to the LGBTQ freedom fund

You should too

If you donate $25 or more to ANY BLM charity and post a screenshot, I will either

-dm you a lewd/nude pic
-compose an electronic song just for you
-create a simple static website for you

Boosts appreciated

#transcrowdfund #blm

i am clean, smooth and soft, and i want to take a nap snuggled up against somebody

body maintenance 


neurodivergent ramblings 

nsfw ffxiv shitpost 


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