Ya'll I've been for real enjoying the heck out of Apex Legends. I've played most of the BRs that have come out and have bounced right off of them but for some reason I've just really been enjoying myself with this one. And the control settings on console are on an entirely different level.

Here's something I just finished! For 146Tym on FA. Really been enjoying my work lately!

Also! Completed this piece for @sky ! They are super nice and I really enjoyed working on this!

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A painting I completed for someone working at Pixar, they wanted it to have a classical portrait sort of feel.

Here's one of my favorite pieces I completed as a commission!

An illustration for Lizard Shack on FA! It's rare I get to do 2 character pieces with a background so this was really refreshing to work on.

Here's one I don't think I posted on here, an illustration that I really enjoyed working on!

got another pinup from @stealthnachos of the purple girlllll

aaaa im in love

Commission for SalmirAeon
The process for lighting I've been using has really helped to keep separate parts separate.

got an amazing pinup comm from @stealthnachos :33

secta's a pretty big girl, she has to make the most of her body's malleability to sneak around unnoticed

Commission for Caudamus!
Really love how the colors turned out on this one. MAGIC

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