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I am about to go to bed. sadly, I am not going to bed nuzzling at a friendly someone's dilz, but we can't have everything in this life.

nsfw trans furry art, commissioned 

so I'm posting here because I love these and want other people to see them. I'm not as active with my fursona as I'd like these days, but she's certainly not retired

@distressedegg has combined my feline self with a terrible joke that made me laugh on the internet in the year 2000, and it's delightful. Two months of her sketch-tier on her patreon, and we have "like, you were behind her in line at the assvibrator store?" rendered in pure, smutty internet diptych

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I haven't done much posting on here of late, and this has basically turned into my AD account, I guess, even though I am still occasionally a raunchfest on what's now my main account and was supposed to just be my semi-professional account.

idk, it's difficult.

lying on the bed in my fanciest underthings buying a NFT so that even if no-one else will fuck me, capitalism will

mood, lewd, aggressively middle american 

can't believe I missed the opportunity to make a joke about "offering my comfy seat"

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mood, lewd, aggressively middle american 

saying "come in, please, suck my breasts, can I get you a dick to lick as well?" in the same cadence as inviting someone in and offering them a comfy seat and a nice cup of coffee

today's mood (yesterday's mood as well, for the record, but I'm really bad about keeping up with mastodon on the weekends these days): power bottoming.

I absolutely want to push some cute thing down onto the bed and hold them there while I pound down on their member (biological or silicone, either way)

thinking about being a ratdragon

not a kobold, that's different

cursed butt (Luigi) 

@starless If you're looking for the best of the cursed...

people should link me to the best butts they've seen today. I'm in a mood

idle fantasy, lewd 

i wanna be thought of as hot

i want you to look at me and have a Reaction in your Intimacy

i want you to imagine when I step out of my shoes, slip out of my work clothes. the stairstep amplification of desires as lines and curves are sharpened, presented

i want to be desired. i already desire outside of myself. I've offered myself, and all i need is your offering in return

i want people to pleasure themselves to thoughts of me.

more, i want to know that they have.

slightly risque language 

sorry to report that the risque language was lost in editing

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slightly risque language 

wanna get some art done but I dunno who's open and available and tbh I feel like a jerk going through people's art and thinking "I really like how you draw stuff, but if I hire you, are you going to draw me an ass that is truly fat enough? you mostly draw average-size folk, can I trust you to actually make me look b i g?"

honestly, I just need to get hit on more. I can only hit on myself so much.

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thinking about how the art I've commissioned is occasionally horny but it's never been brutally horny,'s never been horny enough that someone's just gone off and hit on me over it, and that's some kind of a shame that needs to get fixed asap

subtoot, furry drama 

just read an entire thread on twitter of people talking about how some artist showed their whole ass, was hugely racist, and everyone in the thread going on about how everyone who continues to follow the artist was, in turn, racist

and not once did any of them say who the fuck it was.

and they're so close to getting it. replies include stuff like "some people might not have their finger on the pulse, this has only been going down for the last few hours"

fucking TELL us who

fursona #2 further thoughts 

or maybe something like Dale. Dolores? hm.

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fursona #2 further thoughts 

tempted to name her Margaret (Peggy as a diminutive), but these days, people tend to think about Peg as the infinitive verb form of getting pegged more than as a name, and while she likes dick jokes, she wouldn't want to be one

ugh. i know that I'm only going to get out of social networking software what I put into it, but every few months I'll get a ping on my phone from telegram and even though I know for a fact it's going to be some kind of scammer or me getting involuntarily added to some kind of southeast Asian crypto meme community (which has happened like three times now) I still have a moment of perking up and thinking "maybe it's a message! from a friend!"

it never is

fursona #2 to annoy that guy kat was talking about last night 


- her hobbies include container gardening, collecting jewelry, and antiquing
- she will never fail to laugh at a dick joke, she can't help it
- one of these days, she'll get around to seeing The Magnificent Ambersons
- her last online quiz told her she was John Bender. She disagrees.

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