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pinnable post for account basics 

- This is not specifically an after-dark acc't, even though my other acc't has taken up more of the daily-driver role in the last year.
- I do tend to post more lewdly on this account, but I also post more furrily here, and those aspects are not one and the same.
- Feel free to interact, but don't just pop up and start a conversation about how good my ass is. Or, rather, do, but at least say hi first so I know who you are and ask if I'm cool with it.
- No minors.

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Cam's Art Parade: Part I - The early years; trans furry porn, nsfw 

It wasn't until 2008 when I had the spare cash, the opportunity, and the chutzpah to start buying art, and these initial pieces are all from that period, 4/08 - 3/09.

Credits and additional commentary will be included in image descriptions.

Caveat: I have no idea if any of the artists I've contracted in the past have since been outed as fascists, abusers, terfs or other flavors of asshole. If I did, I did not know at the time.

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talking about my personal sexual situations 

yes, I know my persona is feline-aligned, that doesn't mean I want the real-life housecats in the room while I masturbate.

it's an hour until foodtime, you little shits, fuck off

thoughts, cont. 

I won't point out exact combinations because I'm not up to talking about what gets me off right now and if I say what those situations were, you might be able to guess what artists I mean and that won't do.

but frexample, let's say you're into (spins wheel) macro. and you see a macro piece from this person and you think, "hey, this is good!" and then you go to their gallery and there's like one of those and then the other 378 pieces are all (spins wheel) cuckoldry. disappointing.

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thoughts on a particular situation regarding fetish art that has to have happened to more than just me 

you ever get into the weird situation of running across an artist you like the look of and then you find out that the thing you like that they do well is one of their minor fetishes and that their major fetish is something you're not into---or at least not into on the level that they are?

this has happened to me at least twice.

rather much in a "just let me wrap my legs around you and maybe you can fuck the sad out of me" place.

should probably try and get someplace better before posting here some more

a bit horny 

just absolutely in the mood for a friend to get behind me and slowly, casually hump my ass

and then I can return the favor


social media sucks

reason 547a: did I get unfollowed or are they just following my other account and never followed the other other one at all

who knows

- see a cute anthro drawing posted somewhere
- "hm, let's go see if that artist has more of this thing that I'd like to see"
- gallery is full of furries posing with/pointing guns and various military nonsense
- "bleah"

I also want to build a personal image/reference website, but this is also going to be partly predicated on me taking down my current website and moving it to more accommodating hosting.

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realizing I'm in the metaphorical situation of needing to get my hair done before a wedding: my sona is slated for a cameo appearance in a comic in the near future, but I need a new reference headshot for an updated look.

I think one of my next projects is going to be (going to have to be) setting up some kind of personal art archive so I can point artists at it so future drawings of Cam are consistent (and for the site to be not jank as fuck like the website I've got an account on currently)


finally getting a proper reference sheet done. I've been trying to figure out who I want to do that for years, tho, and still haven't decided. also, I think I haven't had that kind of money until now.

hm. should commission somebody

get something real sloppy

I mean, like, get your cheap thrills however you can, but, like, at least fucking own it.

in the meantime, someone please draw me requiring a larger bra size than ever before

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I don't want to bag on people's artistic expression but I honestly have never understood the school of furry art where it's like "yeah, we're gonna give this nude lady an icebreaker prow, just some massive mammary action, forget cups, we're talking quarts, halogen headlights for days, parabolic curves too powerful for your graphing calculator...but we have to be PG about it, we're just going to cover the whole breast with fur and pretend the nipple doesn't exist"

also "half of the things I've gotten over the last couple years are me funding lo's shitposts where the gag is that the drawing is being done without references, so you may not want to specifically use those in turn as references"

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need to commission someone for, if not the sort of smut I was imagining last night, at least a new headshot, because I want a different hairstyle and it'll probably be easier to get that done instead of telling people "please it's not supposed to be a mullet"

thoughts I am having simultaneously right now:

1. why would you run around ff14 naked or stripped down to your underwear, depending on your tolerance for software mods, I just absolutely do not get it

2. next time I get my fursona drawn, their rack needs to be way bigger and just hanging in front of someone's face. just massively hyperhorny.

don't get me wrong, I like normcore, but I think it puts people off when they just want the sluttery put right out in front of them instead of something you've got to search out

I am /absolutely/ willing to be a massive slut, I just come off as way too normcore, I think?

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poking my nose back into tapestries, instantly getting that feeling again of "I am nowhere near slutty enough to be here and I don't know how to fix that."

that said, if you're also there, you might find me. If you want to.

nsfw trans furry art, commissioned 

so I'm posting here because I love these and want other people to see them. I'm not as active with my fursona as I'd like these days, but she's certainly not retired

@distressedegg has combined my feline self with a terrible joke that made me laugh on the internet in the year 2000, and it's delightful. Two months of her sketch-tier on her patreon, and we have "like, you were behind her in line at the assvibrator store?" rendered in pure, smutty internet diptych

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