I mourn the scientific advances humanity has lost to capitalism. Every failed tech bubble has been a waste of resources and knowledge. Every patent lawsuit has served to consolidate the hoarding of information by more powerful companies. Every engineering trade secret represents resources not shared and experts not collaborating.

It is a credit to our species that we have any science at all under capitalism.

@squeevee This also reminds me of the Ferengi history. (Star Trek: DS9)

Who had capitalism for twice as long as humanity, but got space travel brought to them by humanity.

@squeevee the amount of innovation lost due to capitalism cannot fully be measured. So many opportunities have been lost or pushed back so far because of it.

@thatwingsy I should have led with that tbh, it's surely the greatest cost.

@squeevee thanks for you sentiments. I learned the hard way that my company was defending a patent lawsuit, after I was hired to do R & D. I received very little guidance, and the corporate culture was chaotic. It was the 1st place I worked after grad school.

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