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*sees a bad take on the internet*
me: this is not worth gratification by thinking about it, let alone replying
the gremlin in a hamster wheel inside my head: and here's all the reasons it's not worth thinking about it!

don't get too superior though folks, because nobody here boosts fucking anything.

Me: I dunno the level of content warning tagging on Mastodon feels a bit excessive sometimes.
Me: *spends 15 minutes on Tumblr and it's like walking through hail*
Me: I rescind my previous complaint.

There is value in many of the meta-comments too, but I think that's because they are not really about Pride. They just use Pride as an example to illustrate more pervasive (and dare I say more important) matters.

Pride is not the end-all of our community, our experience, our activism and outreach, or our history. I just don't think it, the celebration itself as though in a vacuum, is as important as we make it out to be.

I see quite a lot of meta-commentary on Pride and Pride celebrations.

I do not see as much of queer people celebrating themselves, and much of what I do see is 1) kind of passive in the form of general well wishes or flag icons, and 2) not particularly distinguishable from the many opportunities queer people take to gather, assert their identities, and celebrate themselves year-round.

There's value in Pride, but it feels a bit overblown? Self-necessitating?

I find Pride Month tedious. The discourse really echoes movies from the 90s about "discovering the True Meaning of Christmas."

New tablet, really smoll. But I can't scream to it horrible things like I did to the previous one, because this one works. ^^

That's the first doodle.
#art #myPaint

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Please john nintendo gimme eevee but more i need a normal evo bc I love eevee but I want an eevee-er Eevee it's all I ask plesss

It wasn't until, in a moment of Indulgence, I looked up the definition of gender dysphoria that I realized I was more "allowed" than I had previously believed. My lack of self-esteem as a teenager denied me access to the community I needed most desperately then. How absurd is that?

But I'm finding this to be a very common sort of story. And I'd like to do something about it.

I had some strange notions about the trans experience. I was deeply concerned about not "appropriating" it to attempt to understand my experiences and feelings about gender. I believed that being transgender was fundamentally distinct to anything I ever knew or had ever experienced, and that therefore I could never ever be trans and it harmed trans people to imagine I could be.

That's probably what happens if your trans sympathy is extrapolated from terf-influenced feminism.


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