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don't think I'll be here much anymore, here's where to find me 

neg, continued 

neg, continued 

also replacing "man" with "friend" in my vocabulary has made the world a much better and softer place

"information wants to be free, friend"

neg, masto, I might not be on here much anymore 

NSFW furry art: a naked paladin 

NSFW furry art 

This wasn't even what I logged in to talk about.

but I don't take catharsis in it. Imagining myself in violent conflict magnifies my feelings of terror and powerlessness. Imagining myself as the instigator repulses and dissociates me. Context be damned.

There sure doesn't feel like a lot of room for someone like me in online leftist spaces.

I'm not here to be the centrist liberal in the room and claim that direct action is the "real" problem. Systemic violence is the default state of an unjust society and that contextualizes "punch a n*zi" memes and guillotine jokes. What right have I to tell someone off for taking catharsis in that.

I wish the left had more vocabulary for expressing the frustration of disenfranchisement besides the celebration of (supposedly righteous) violence.

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