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I now have telegram stickers as a commission option! $60 for a 3-pack, $90 for a 5-pack, and $120 for an 8-pack! Message me if you're interested! (also, bunny is @Darkbluescribbler and jackal is @caseJackal )

Me: time to work!
My shit brain: draw ur fursona in a suit......
Me: hhHHHh

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"Why the 'nyaa?'"

Started trying out telegram stickers last night.

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wonderful drawing of my sona by @spoony! thank you so much!! What is UP, I finally started posting shit on furaffinity. I'm gonna try to keep up-to-date with it, so follow me there if you're active!

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My New Years Resolution is to not work in retail anymore ever again.

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snake: "hnnnnngh otacon... theyre talking about..."

otacon: "thats called being horny on main snake"

snake: "hnnnrgh.... horny..."

Good morning, im a small pile of mush slipping in and out of consciousness, mixing unreality and reality but mostly thinking lovestruck thoughts because I'm snuggly and warm. I'm tired hhhu

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