This is the first slide I got done, and this'll be the style I'll be doing the whole video in. I'm thinking about ranging the prices from $15-$30, depending on if you want a lesser role or a more prominent one, and whether you can pick your role or not! But I'll definitely see about making a sign up for this Saturday!

I forgot I drew this!!! I can make this a YCH, too! If you'd be interested, my commission info is here ==>

Some more stickers done for @teez !! If you're interested in commissioning telegram stickers from me, my commission info is here ==>

Sticker time 👀 If you'd be interested in Telegram stickers (or any other commissions from me), my prices and contact info are here ==>

All of my telegram stickers are just gonna be my favorite cat memes, woops.

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I think these telegram stickers describe @caseJackal pretty well. Contact me on telegram (or here, even, if you like) if you'd be interested in stickers like these!

Self-indulgent telegram sticker. I can't stop laughing.

Got commissioned by @teez to do a really fun sticker pack. I LOVE doing these, so don't be afraid to ask! I'm Spoonycatt on telegram.

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Moving right along with this Telegram sticker pack for @teez !! You can check out my commission info and contact info on Furaffinity!

Friendly reminder that I'm doing telegram sticker packs now!! Send me a DM if you'd be interested <3

Got two telegram stickers of my cat done so far! Send me a message if you're at all interested <3 I love doing these, they only take about half an hour each!

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