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Friendly reminder that I'm doing telegram sticker packs now!! Send me a DM if you'd be interested <3

Got two telegram stickers of my cat done so far! Send me a message if you're at all interested <3 I love doing these, they only take about half an hour each!

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An alter ego of Lu. I call them "Null".

I meant loafing, but loading also works I guess.

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I now have telegram stickers as a commission option! $60 for a 3-pack, $90 for a 5-pack, and $120 for an 8-pack! Message me if you're interested! (also, bunny is @Darkbluescribbler and jackal is @caseJackal )

Started trying out telegram stickers last night.

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Finished a commission today! And about to stream in 40 minutes. I'm very tired, but let's do this.

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Saw someone wearing this at work yesterday and I-

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