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Hello, I'm Spoony, and this is my fursona, Lu! I'm glad I finally have an official reference for them, and they feel like a fully-realized creation :blobcat:

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Out here coloring @caseJackal's bird dragon that @Darkbluescribbler drew and listening to the Etcverse if you guys haven't gotten into that yet. Time to initiate you.

y'all should come hang out, my partner's working on beATS

Official Art for the fifth entry of "CROVSEYED", an ARG/radio play that utilizes sound clips, music, and code in unique ways. It's got aliens, it's got politics, it's got alternate dimensions. It's also full of queer furries, so you should get on that.

Check it out. ==>

Idk if gifs work, but we're gonna find out. A scene from the Etcverse, which you should get into, it's got hot alien birds.

A refsheet I did for a friend recently <3 She is so cute, I love her?? I'd love to do more design commissions like this, for anyone who's interested!

Some more Jupiter Jericho. So with Drek, their coloring changes depending on their Presentation/Mood.

My partner is streaming for homestuck eve with Broadway karkat

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I should probably post on here more...but hey, what's up, guys, I'm drawing lots of birds!

This here is Jupiter Jericho from CROVSEYED, which is a really fuckin cool ARG that utilizes voiceclips, code, and conlang. Also, almost all the characters are queer furries. So you should get on that.

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